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Cheapest locations to rent a car
With the rise in car rental prices across the world, many travelers are looking for more affordable destinations. Find one for yourself in our list of the cheapest locations to rent!

We compare car rental prices, you save!

Find the perfect rental car for your trip is a leader in online car rental reservations; we compare car rental deals from many companies so that you can choose which is best for your trip.

Many other websites hide fees and extra costs from you. Discover Cars includes all mandatory fees, taxes, and extras in the quoted price so there won’t be any surprises when you arrive at the rental desk.

Why should you book with us?

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Since we negotiate prices for many rental cars at a time directly with the car rental companies, we are able to secure lower prices for our customers.

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How to find a great car rental deal

We’ll take care of finding the lowest price for you, but here’s what you can do to make sure you get the best deal:

Book Early

Prices generally rise when it gets closer to the starting date of your trip. Book ahead to save and don’t worry, you can always make changes or cancel for free if your plans change.

Pay Attention To Reviews

See what previous customers have to say about the rental supplier. Choosing a company with a score of 8 or higher is recommended.

Keep the Deposit in Mind

You will have to leave a deposit when you pick up the car. In the rental conditions, you can see how much it will be. Make sure you have enough credit available to cover it.

Know the Fuel and Mileage Policies

Avoid costly fees by knowing how much mileage is included in your rental and what the fuel policy is.

What do you need to pick up the car?

Driver’s License

A valid driver's license in the name of the main driver. What type of driver's license do I need?


A passport or other form of identification. Will I need my passport to pick up a car?

Credit Card

A credit card in the name of the main driver with sufficient funds. Can I rent a car if I do not have a credit card?


A printed Voucher or an e-Voucher, where available. Where can I find my Voucher?

Top Locations

127 car rental offers in 17 cities
Most popular locations:
Phoenix - 127 deals in 2 locations
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport from $60.12 per day
197 car rental offers in 146 cities
Most popular locations:
Hobart - 98 deals in 2 locations
Hobart Airport from $26.96 per day
Melbourne - 99 deals in 22 locations
Melbourne Airport from $32.57 per day
Azores Islands
52 car rental offers in 11 cities
Most popular locations:
Ponta Delgada - 52 deals in 6 locations
Downtown from $24.86 per day
317 car rental offers in 70 cities
Most popular locations:
Burgas - 168 deals in 4 locations
Burgas Airport from $28.75 per day
Varna - 149 deals in 5 locations
Varna Airport from $29.18 per day
167 car rental offers in 35 cities
Most popular locations:
Los Angeles - 167 deals in 7 locations
Los Angeles Airport from $45.81 per day
259 car rental offers in 160 cities
Most popular locations:
Montreal - 51 deals in 2 locations
Montreal Airport from $109.29 per day
Toronto - 150 deals in 6 locations
Toronto Airport from $64.03 per day
Vancouver - 58 deals in 6 locations
Vancouver Airport from $119.82 per day
Canary Islands
177 car rental offers in 9 cities
Most popular locations:
Lanzarote - 177 deals in 8 locations
Lanzarote Airport from $9.47 per day
145 car rental offers in 10 cities
Most popular locations:
Denver - 145 deals in 2 locations
Denver Airport from $68.44 per day
332 car rental offers in 16 cities
Most popular locations:
Chania - 332 deals in 5 locations
Crete Airport Chania from $26.74 per day
459 car rental offers in 46 cities
Most popular locations:
Zadar - 459 deals in 4 locations
Zadar Airport from $26.59 per day
758 car rental offers in 12 cities
Most popular locations:
Larnaca - 406 deals in 4 locations
Larnaca Airport from $21.77 per day
Paphos - 352 deals in 4 locations
Paphos Airport from $24.72 per day
597 car rental offers in 36 cities
Most popular locations:
Fort Lauderdale - 311 deals in 6 locations
Fort Lauderdale Airport from $28.53 per day
Orlando - 286 deals in 10 locations
Orlando Airport from $40.25 per day
209 car rental offers in 381 cities
Most popular locations:
Nice - 148 deals in 4 locations
Nice Airport from $39.23 per day
Paris - 61 deals in 44 locations
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport from $53.26 per day
174 car rental offers in 435 cities
Most popular locations:
Munich - 174 deals in 17 locations
Munich Airport from $74.06 per day
766 car rental offers in 111 cities
Most popular locations:
Athens - 500 deals in 21 locations
Athens Airport from $25.69 per day
Zakynthos - 266 deals in 6 locations
Zakynthos Airport from $47.31 per day
196 car rental offers in 12 cities
Most popular locations:
Keflavik - 196 deals in 2 locations
Keflavik Airport from $54.19 per day
236 car rental offers in 25 cities
Most popular locations:
Dublin - 102 deals in 5 locations
Dublin Airport from $71.63 per day
Knock - 32 deals in 1 locations
Knock Airport from $71.63 per day
Shannon - 102 deals in 1 locations
Shannon Airport from $68.02 per day
38 car rental offers in 26 cities
Most popular locations:
Tel Aviv - 38 deals in 6 locations
Tel Aviv Airport from $94.77 per day
1384 car rental offers in 288 cities
Most popular locations:
Bari - 207 deals in 9 locations
Bari Airport from $80.59 per day
Bologna - 168 deals in 9 locations
Bologna Airport from $64.46 per day
Florence - 58 deals in 8 locations
Downtown from $104.95 per day
Milan - 198 deals in 47 locations
Milan Linate Airport from $66.32 per day
Naples - 221 deals in 14 locations
Naples Airport from $57.75 per day
Rome - 387 deals in 44 locations
Rome Airport Ciampino from $48.15 per day
Rome Airport Fiumicino from $57.70 per day
Verona - 145 deals in 3 locations
Verona Airport from $54.11 per day
253 car rental offers in 7 cities
Most popular locations:
Riga - 253 deals in 10 locations
Riga Airport from $39.84 per day
303 car rental offers in 7 cities
Most popular locations:
Vilnius - 303 deals in 9 locations
Vilnius Airport from $29.72 per day
160 car rental offers in 72 cities
Most popular locations:
Mexico City - 160 deals in 21 locations
Mexico City International Airport from $44.85 per day
170 car rental offers in 11 cities
Most popular locations:
Podgorica - 170 deals in 7 locations
Podgorica Airport from $30.23 per day
1840 car rental offers in 18 cities
Most popular locations:
Casablanca - 441 deals in 11 locations
Casablanca Airport from $27.70 per day
Fes - 343 deals in 3 locations
Fes Airport from $30.07 per day
Marrakech - 680 deals in 4 locations
Downtown from $37.10 per day
Marrakech Airport from $29.75 per day
Rabat - 376 deals in 11 locations
Rabat Airport from $32.24 per day
112 car rental offers in 55 cities
Most popular locations:
Amsterdam - 112 deals in 11 locations
Amsterdam Airport from $43.97 per day
145 car rental offers in 4 cities
Most popular locations:
Las Vegas - 145 deals in 4 locations
Las Vegas Airport from $77.95 per day
New York
87 car rental offers in 18 cities
Most popular locations:
New York - 87 deals in 3 locations
New Zealand
136 car rental offers in 29 cities
Most popular locations:
Queenstown - 136 deals in 2 locations
Queenstown Airport from $42.45 per day
642 car rental offers in 82 cities
Most popular locations:
Gdansk - 355 deals in 9 locations
Gdansk Airport from $23.98 per day
Wroclaw - 287 deals in 5 locations
Wroclaw Airport from $22.95 per day
222 car rental offers in 116 cities
Most popular locations:
Madeira - 222 deals in 1 locations
Madeira Funchal Airport from $38.26 per day
536 car rental offers in 15 cities
Most popular locations:
Alghero - 224 deals in 2 locations
Alghero Fertilia Airport from $60.14 per day
Cagliari - 312 deals in 3 locations
Cagliari Airport from $22.88 per day
271 car rental offers in 4 cities
Most popular locations:
Belgrade - 271 deals in 2 locations
Belgrade Airport from $34.68 per day
320 car rental offers in 33 cities
Most popular locations:
Catania - 320 deals in 6 locations
Catania Fontanarossa Airport from $38.50 per day
South Africa
220 car rental offers in 92 cities
Most popular locations:
Durban - 76 deals in 7 locations
King Shaka International Airport from $25.63 per day
George - 37 deals in 3 locations
George Airport from $25.63 per day
Johannesburg - 107 deals in 14 locations
Johannesburg Lanseria Airport from $25.63 per day
Tambo International Airport from $25.63 per day
794 car rental offers in 135 cities
Most popular locations:
Malaga - 483 deals in 6 locations
Malaga Airport from $19.53 per day
Valencia - 311 deals in 12 locations
Valencia Airport from $25.47 per day
111 car rental offers in 123 cities
Most popular locations:
Stockholm - 111 deals in 19 locations
Stockholm Arlanda Airport from $57.76 per day
1113 car rental offers in 77 cities
Most popular locations:
Antalya - 327 deals in 7 locations
Dalaman - 229 deals in 2 locations
Dalaman Airport from $21.93 per day
Istanbul - 330 deals in 21 locations
Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport from $21.44 per day
Izmir - 227 deals in 5 locations
Izmir Airport from $28.48 per day
United Kingdom
266 car rental offers in 357 cities
Most popular locations:
London - 266 deals in 57 locations
London City Airport from $38.86 per day
London Heathrow Airport from $38.86 per day
London Paddington Train Station from $46.96 per day


What do I need to rent a car?
Firstly, you need a valid driver’s license. In most cases, you must have held it for at least one (1) year. You also need a credit (or debit, where accepted) card to pay with and leave a deposit and the Rental Voucher received when making a reservation.
When renting in a foreign country, you often need another form of identification, usually a passport.
At what age can I rent a car?
This depends on where you would like to rent a car. Though you can rent a car at the age of 18 in many European countries and the states of New York and Michigan in the United States, in many locations you must be 21 to rent a car. You can conveniently check by entering your age before clicking Search now.
Note that most rental companies charge an additional Young Driver Fee for renters under the age of 25, though this age varies by company and location. If you enter your age before searching, we include this fee in the total allowing for the simplest comparison.
What should I look for when choosing a rental supplier?
There are two things you should use to determine which supplier to rent from - reviews and the Rental Conditions.
We ask every customer to rate their rental experience after they drop off the car and show their ratings when you search for a car. If you want to be sure you get great service, look for the Excellent Car Rental Service badge which we award to the top three suppliers in each location with an average rating of 8 or higher.
You should also check the Rental Conditions to make sure the rental supplier you choose works best for your requirements.
Can I rent a car without a credit card?
Though just a few years ago it was impossible to rent a car without a credit card, things have changed quickly. Many companies, especially global companies such as Avis, Dollar, Hertz, etc., allow renters to both pay and leave a deposit with a debit card (though the card must be a Mastercard or Visa).
If you do not have a credit card, be sure to check the Payment Policy section of the Rental Conditions prior to booking to see if the company accepts debit cards.
What if my plans change?
When you reserve a car through, you can make changes or cancel your reservation for free at any point prior to 48 hours before you are scheduled to pick up the car.
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