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We take customer feedback seriously — we use it to know what and where we can improve to make the process of booking a rental car even clearer and simpler. Every review matters to us. With these reviews, you won't have to take our word on its face, but you can be assured that what we say about ourselves is what customers think, too. 

We also care what our partners have to say about working with us; therefore, many reviews from them can be found below. on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is one of the largest and most trustworthy platforms for rating the service quality of online businesses. It’s been providing this service for over ten years and publishes more than 500,000 new reviews each month. After receiving more than 150,000 reviews, our Trustpilot rating is 4.6 out of 5. on Review Centre

Review Centre, the largest website of its kind in the UK, has been a trusted online review site for nearly 20 years. Our rating on Review Centre is 4.2 out of 5, and we're first place in the car hire category with 82% of reviewers recommending our services.

Some of what our customers have said about us:

Liam Wohlgemuth, who rented a Ford Focus for 7 days at Liverpool Airport (United Kingdom), left a review on Trustpilot:

Excellent company for car hire and highly recommended. They truly offered the best value on price in comparison to competitors. Booking was easy and fast and deposit was easy to pay. The whole service from start to finish was excellent. We will use Discover Cars again.

Giuseppa Reid, who rented a Ford Fiesta for 10 days at Catania-Fontanarossa Airport (Sicily), left a review on Trustpilot:

I only can say excellent service !!! Customer service were excellent answering all my questions and resolving my changes with my reservation. I would recommend to anyone to use Discover Cars. ;)

Rishabh Nanda, who rented a Jeep Wrangler for 4 days at Chicago O'Hare Airport (Illinois, United States), left a review on Trustpilot:

It was really smooth process and a cheaper rate than anyone. Will mostly book again.

Amit, who rented a Volkswagen Up for 5 days at Lisbon Airport (Portugal), left a review on Trustpilot:

The site is very intuitive and I also spoke with a representative who was very friendly and helpful.

KT, who rented a Fiat Panda for 12 days at Marrakech Airport (Morocco), left a review on Trustpilot:

Easy to navigate, prompt to answer my questions on the phone, put me in contact with the local company where my rental was, super happy and definitely use them again.

Letitia, who rented a Ford Fiesta for 1 day at Fort Lauderdale Airport (Florida, United States), left a review on Review Center:

Very easy and understandable to book a rental car. Conditions clearly shown. Good start of the holidays. Made other car bookings on other sites, but this one was by far the easiest.

Hamza, who rented a Hyundai Tucson for 5 days at Keflavik Airport (Iceland), left a review on Review Center:

Good customer service and reasonable rates. Customer support was wonderful in assisting me with the right vehicle and process of payment…

Santiago, who rented a VW Polo TSI for 5 days at Ponta Delgada Airport (Azores Islands), left a review on Review Center:

Easy to use, easy to understand. Well displayed and laid out user interface. I would highly recommend this service to friends and family. Not a bad word to say about it.

Clare, who rented a VW Golf for 5 days at Madrid Airport (Spain), left a review on Review Center:

I had insurance questions. Received callback almost immediately and my questions were answered in moments.

Patterson, who rented a Toyota Estima 2007 for 9 days at Auckland Airport (New Zealand), left a review on Review Center:

It was excellent service and very kind attention. The location car was in very good conditions. On time always. I fully recommend this enterprise. Thanks you very much… 

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What travel bloggers have to say about us:

I rented from DiscoverCars multiple times in various places: USA, France, Italy and never had any issues. They always had many different standards of cars available. I had to change the date of my booking once and everything was handled very quickly and efficiently.

- Anna Karsten, Anna Everywhere

I've used to book a few car rentals, and they've consistently given me the best rates. The website is also easy to use and compares a wide range of car rental companies. Customer support is also excellent; I've received prompt responses every time I reached out to them.

- Nellie Huang, Wild Junket

What our rental partners have to say about us:

We have had the great pleasure of working with Discover Car Hire for many years and really appreciate the common goals we share such as providing a great customer experience and being innovative to the benefit of all parties involved. They truly care about helping their Affiliates grow and prosper.​

Bob Thunell, Routes Car Rental

Discover are part of the first international partners of SADORENT, on the way to reaching a decade! And this means something. A partnership that not only means business but also friendship with Discover's team!

Jorge Pires, SADORENT

Must say that Discover Cars is an A+++, if we could add more pluses we would definitely do! Top notch partnership, Account Management and Customer and Reservation teams always overlooking things to come to an amazing outcome; providing a great customer experience and revenue increase for common business. Every time any issue has raised up they are first one there. A good communication and cooperation is really important for an outstanding partnership, must say they over exceed expectations! 100% recommended.

Ignacio Arizcun, RecordGo

It has been a pleasure to work with Discover Cars, our information has been accurately displayed on their website, and their follow up customer service is excellent. They respond promptly to any requests, and our business has increased since we partnered with them.

Ann Stoute, Stoutes Car Rental

We have been working with Discover Car Hire for many years. In addition to being a reliable and fast partner in commercial responses, their website is well structured to highlight our commercial offer. 

Roberto Glorioso, Autovia Car Rental

There are some key words to simply describe Discover Cars: Professionality, Responsibility, Reliability and Accuracy. The team is always very proactive, kind and helpful, they do believe in true values putting customer satisfaction at the first place.

- Alessia Perotta, Locauto is a trustworthy car rental platform. They are always providing quick response, and easy to communicate with. shares market insights, and provide us reasonable marketing promotion activity suggestion. It helps us boost sale volume. collects customer feedback and rating for us which help both us to improve service and understanding customer demand.

Kenny Kong, Yesaway

Great partner that in every contact makes me feel really like one of the family. Efficient service and they really care about founding a solid relationship with their partners. Every request is completed with effort and in the least amount of time possible. In a world of corporate business DiscoverCars is able to give that human touch back to its partners. Keep up the good work and highly recommended.

Paulo Letite, Wayzor

We have worked with Discover Cars since the beginning of Turisprime in 2016. They are one of our most important partners. It highlights its professionalism, capacity to answer to the Supplier on an efficient and quick away, with no problems on payments issues or doubts clarifications. A really important win-win partnership!

Marco Santos, Turisprime

We are very thankful to be part of this platform, Discover Cars has become of one of the most important partnership that we have. Your transparency and communications skills it’s what makes you different from the rest. It’s a pleasure to work by your side! 

- Kimberly Tirado, Horspower  

Many thanks for your email and your support. It's real pleasure to work with you and all your team. Your company is our priority, I do my best to confirm all the request and our team to delevery the best service for our mutual clients.

- Lamine Gribaa, SGF Tunisia is a highly professional company that always respond to inquiries as soon as they possibly can. We are very pleased to be working with them, and are also glad that our cooperation developed to an even higher level over the last couple of years. Also, we would like to add that their customers are well informed about the rental conditions. They know everything that is important about the rental by the time they come to our counter, so there is almost never any misunderstanding.The team is always very proactive, very kind and helpful. They sincerely believe in the true values, putting customer satisfaction first and foremost.

Franko Miočić, Dollar/Thrifty Subrosa

It has been my pleasure to work with over the last few years. They are quick to adapt to the changing environment and have not hesitated to update their product knowledge; get to know new destination markets, and to look for new ways to generate more business. Their response time to queries has been good, as has their continued management feedback regarding relevant periods under review.

- Hans Manke, Hertz South Africa

We have been working with Discover Car Hire for several years and are an easy partner to work with. They are very professional. We have total confidence in Discover Car Hire and whenever a customer asks we advise you to move forward due to the ease of procedures and total transparency.

Filipe Lapa, ValpiRent

DiscoverCars is an extremely well run and high quality partner for Mex Rent A Car. Very responsive and open to suggestions, it has been and still is a pleasure to work with them. We look forward to many more years of partnership.

Jordi Rivero, MEX

I recommend everything about Discover Cars. They are a highly organized, knowledgeable, dedicated, practical and effective group. Yes car Algarve is thankful every day for their existence, tenacity and continued confidence in the success of our efforts.
Keep up the good work.THANK YOU!

- João Correia, Yes Car Hire Portugal

I am very pleased with the partnership that we have established with Discover Cars. The on-boarding process was fast and seamless. Anna and the marketing Team do an amazing job to help us grow our business and boost our sales with the various promotional campaigns. Our rates are always updated fast and the Support Team is always happy to respond to our queries. Special thanks go to Anna and all the various Teams at Discover Cars.

Lloyd Aling, Skyfleet

We are glad to work with you since the first day, and also that we are proud to be partner of a company like Discover were we feel there is a permanent effort to pursue higher quality standards.

- Carlos Lopes, Ausocar

We are very happy with the partnership we have with Discovercars, everything is clear, clients are aware about the conditions and this is the end, represents a faster service without complains.

- Alberto Domingos, Best Deal

Discover Cars is just a great company to do business with.

- Amaru Dieguez, Orlando Rent a Car

We would like to congratulate Discover Cars competence! We strongly believe in your success, and together, we can create better solutions for our customers! We at Movida cannot help but thank you for this partnership. It is certainly a promising opportunity for both parties and we will grow even more. Know that you can always count on us!

- Suzane Santoro and Jessica de Paula, Brazil

Working with Discover Cars has been simply great, always in contact with their partners, amazing cooperation always looking into the best interest of our mutual customer, clarity, honesty and value. Amazing team who are always available to help and assist, so grateful for having their trust in our services to their customers.

- Jorge Martins, InsularCar

Direct Car rentals has partnered with Discover Cars for several years. They are a great team to work with and always challenge the competition for the BEST pricing for our clients.

Jonathan Gittens, Direct Car Rentals

Our company have been working with "Discover Cars", for a couple of years and we have absolutely no problems with them. They are very professionals, and the support team is always efficient, super responsive to our emails and they are constantly aware of the best solutions when it comes to promotions and improvement for our sales. We truly recommend their services, as they are super organized and easy to work with.

Marta Silva, Micauto

"We have been working with Discover Cars for quite some time now and we could not be more pleased. Booking process is very easy and efficient, communication between Drive4Fun and Discover Cars is very clear and hassle free which basically represents what Discover Cars really is. We have had no issues over the past which gives everybody the assurance of a long and benefit business relationship which is always the best for the customer. Our customers can be sure that services provided between Drive4Fun and Discover Cars will make their holidays much easier as we will take care of every detail of the car hire between the booking date all the way up to the finish date. Well done Discover Cars.

- Carlos Morais, Drive4Fun

We are working now 3 years with Discover cars and never have had any problem.  More than that, the whole company is very supportive of everything. They answer quickly and are very flexible in adjusting to our needs.

Juan D. Vallecillo, Canarias

Working with Discover it has always been easy and fast without hidden fees accurate and professional.

- Alex Dinev, BOJONE

Green Motion has been a trusted partner of Discover Cars for many many years and it has been a real pleasure to see our respective organisations truly flourish from the partnership. The Discover management team are highly professional and have the welfare and safety of their customers at the forefront of their minds. We are very much looking forward to continuing our journey together and wish them every success in the building of their brand. 

Richard Lowden, Greenmotion

Discover is a fast growing company, accurate, honest, very good communication, team of professionals. A pleasure to work with them!

Dimitar Stefanov, CarRent Bulgaria

It was always a pleasure to do business with Discovery. They are strict and accurate with rules and conditions we agreed. Never had any problems or misunderstanding with customers with prices or conditions. We will be happy to do business with Discovery in the future for many years to come!

- Yasen Chervenkov, Smart Rent A Car

We have an excellent daily collaboration with They are efficient and reliable, always available. It is a win-win-win experience for the clients, Discover Cars and DiRent. We truly recommend and we look forward for even better partnership. Keep going :)

Serge Nourchahyan, DiRent

The partnership between Discover Cars and GO RENT A CAR has been invaluable for our company. Growth for both is inevitable when customer service is a priority! Its our pleasure to have Discover on our side and hope our business relationship lasts for many years to come! Special thanks to Richard Kalashnikov for everyday support!

- Guillermo Riasco, G&O Rent a Car

GO Rentals have enjoyed a very successful partnership with Discover Cars for several years now and working with them is always a pleasure. From a client’s perspective their website is clear, concise and easy to use. The Team are a great bunch of people who are always proactive, helpful and prompt. We value our partnership with them highly.

Emma Canute, GO Rentals New Zealand

Discover cars team were extremely friendly and helpful. Genuine customer care! Great Service! Thanks for your help!

- Filipe Miguel Cavaco, MillionCarHire

We are United International Car Rentals operating on the territory of Ukraine.
Our cooperation with Discover starts long ago in 2014. I proud of our cooperation as it is always nice to work with people who indeed pay as much attention as possible to service and satisfaction of the customer. We have the same aims and we are always on the same page with Discover. All updates and all promos done in a fast way, what I think very essential in our business! Thank you guys for incredible job what you make, and I'm very glad to work with you!

Anna Zamotaeva, United International Car Rentals Ukraine

We have been working with Discover Cars for over 2 years now. Offering car rental services at Vilnius Airport through Discover Cars rental engine has been a very pleasant partnership experience. We put great importance on customer satisfaction and so does Discover Cars which is why we managed to have such great synergy in this partnership!

- Simas Krasaitis, ADC Rent

DiscoverCars is one of the first international rental partners for LatRent we are working with successfully for several years already. We are happy that DiscoverCars have accepted partnership with us and saw potential while we were still recently established company. And it has been proven that it was a good decision, as now LatRent is one of the best rated companies in Latvia on DiscoverCars. Of course it is only possibly by excellent and speedy cooperation from both sides. It's a Pleasure Doing Business with You!

Mārtiņš SmeķisLatRent

We have been cooperating for about 5 years! We did not have any problem or misunderstanding with clients and we are very happy to do business together with Discover Cars! They are professional and extremely helpful!

- Kostas Chatzantonis, Rodos Cars

We glad to work with Discover Cars team. They are an extremely organized, knowledgeable, honorable, practical, and friendly company. It's easy to communicate with their managers. Always we get a response very fast, we waiting, less than a half-hour to get all information that we need. All managers are so polite and courteous. Very easy to make a contact with them.
For clients, it's easy to make reservation and get their car. That makes a partnership much better. Since customers are satisfied and there will be even more. While customers make a reservation they can find necessary terms and conditions about the reservation. If they can't understand anything. they may contact discovery cars call center, then they will find all answers about their rental. Thank you a lot for the opportunity to work with you. 

- Arnis Dagis, EasyCars

Discover cars is one of the best international partners of EasyAuto Greece. All of their team are real professionals, kind and helpful. We receive this from customers' side too, make them pleased and satisfied before they come to us and this make our job easier without problems with customers on delivery because all bookings are clear and no mistakes !! Thank you Discover cars from all of us and a big bravo for your good job.

George Lelekas, EasyAuto 

I am impressed and proud of an array of rich technologies.  A perfect business with professional management and professional team members. I love this company. I enjoy working with Discovercars.

Arda Ronay, Essence Car Rental

From the very top of the organization all the way to their customer service team, the people at Discover Cars show great empathy and appreciation towards their customer. Their transparent and friendly way of doing business shows that they are committed to building high quality, long term relationships. I am positive Discover Cars high level of standards will continue to provide customers with an easy, stress free booking platform and more importantly an easy, stress free rental.

Alejandro Muniz, Economy Rent a Car

Whether your business partner is a long-time friend or someone you just recently met, it’s a great feeling to meet someone you’re confident you can start a business relationship with. My business relations with Discover Cars from the beginning are at a high level of professionalism but still very friendly. I look forward to our cooperation in the years to come.

Vladimir Banovic, Carwiz

From day one our cooperation was based on providing high quality services to our mutual clients. It is important to highlight that is aiming to deliver not only prompt support but reliability and validity to all parties involved. Always a pleasure to invest further in a great cooperation and share same values with a partner such as!

Marisa Drolapa, Avance Rent a Car

Discover Cars is a very reliable, responsible, active partner. They always ready to help, to give fast and accurate feedback. They are very professional and they know exactly what is going on in the sphere of tourism. Our contact Manager from Discover Cars is Richard Kalashnikov. We`ve been working together for 2 years already. And he reflects every word written above: he is always in touch, he answers very quickly, he is full of new ideas, he is ready to help. Thank you very much!

Anastasia Demidko, Avis/Budget Belarus

It is great to cooperate with a firm who care about our clients as much as we do. Always quick with result and involved in our operations just like they are part of our team. Once again Thank you Discovercars for your great partnership.

Enis Buyukkircali, Europcar Turkey

Our company is working with Discover car hire broker for long time. Over the years we been working together, we find out that they are very organized, professional and trustworthy partner. We hope to continue to be as partners for even more long time.

Andreas Papadopoulos, Limo Motor Rentals

We glad to work with Discover Cars team. They are an extremely organized, knowledgeable, practical, and friendly company. It's easy to communicate with them. Always responded to our questions and fast response as well, We are very happy to continue our cooperation with such a great Company Discover cars.

Suhail Ibrahim, Retaj Car Rental

We are happy to work with partners who are loyal , honest and work for a mutually beneficial partnership. We believe that this is exactly the case with Discover Cars and are looking forward to passing through these hard times for our industry so that we may materialize the full potential of our partnership.

Yavor Nedelchev, Budget Bulgaria

We have been working with Discover Cars for a while now and we are very satisfied with the partnership, our continuous team work has helped us bring more clients to our business every day, if there is any question or doubt their support team is always quick to help and clarify whatever they come across, one of our best partners.

- Gustavo Vazquez, Adocar Rental

It’s a big pleasure to have Discover car hire as our partner, I like the reactivity of Anna, Natalja and all the team. Our partnership was running smoothly from the beginning till now.

Ayoub Sbihi, Budget Morocco

Discovercars has become one of those partners whom you confidently can count on your business. The business, product and operational staff is great, professional and resolutive; great support and easy way to make business. Working with you successfully for many years, and more to come!

Roger Ortega, Adobe Rent A Car

Anna and the rest of the team at Discover Cars have been great to work with since we started our partnership a few years ago.  We are pleased to see a steady growth in referrals and we are always able to reach out to them whenever we have a need. I have found their personal approach to be remarkable and it certainly contributes to a really positive relationship.

Dulcie Moody, Island Car Rentals

It is a great pleasure to work with Discover car hire Team, always available to provide support at any level. They are very professional and know exactly how the car rental Industry is performing. Thank you very much, Anna Rachko is always Ready to Help with new ideas to boost up sales.

Lutchmanen Laulesh, Garuda Car Rental

It has been very rewarding to be a partner of Discover for so many years. All the booking procedure is very easy and simple with a reliable service.

- Teresa Almeida, Golfauto

We have been working for discover cars for some time now, it has been a pleasure working with them. A fantastic and reliable team who support you all the time with all your queries, which is very difficult to find these days. Keep up the good work.

- Harris Bans Greedhur, Mauriconnect Car Rental

We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Discover car hire and we are pleased with the personal contact we have with their team. They are very helpful and patient.

Marjorie Parisius, Ross Rental Cars Curacao

Working with discover car hire is without problem. People in discover car hire put more effort and more communication as any other car rental broker.

- Karol Sloboda, EDENcars

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