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  • High payouts: ~$20 per booking
  • Cookie Lifetime: 365 days
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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70% of our car rental profit
30% of our Full Coverage revenue
$8.72 * 70% + $47.71 * 30%
$20.41 Your Commission
The example calculation is based on an economy class car rental including Full Coverage in Reykjavík, Iceland for 7 days.

High payouts: ~$20 per booking

High car rental commission plus additional commission from our Full Coverage. With these two commissionable products, this partnership is a potentially significant source of income for each of our affiliate partners.

Long Cookie Lifetime

...and the partnership becomes even more beneficial. Get a commission from bookings made within one year of visiting your website!
Full Support
Profit-Generating Tips
Quick Response

Dedicated Account Manager

A personal touch is what completes our affiliate program and makes it special. With our support and analysis, there is so much we achieve together.



You can place affiliate banners on your main page or inner pages. Banners with different designs and sizes are provided; banners in another language are available on request.

Affiliate Text Links

Travel-related articles are the perfect match for your affiliate text links. Whether the post is about visiting a particular destination or it shares general thoughts and suggestions for travelers, make sure to embed a link that leads to the appropriate page on our website in the right language.


A fully customizable widget is a good choice for the main page or inner pages dedicated to travel. It is easy to choose your own design and place on your website.

Landing Page Generator

A better conversion rate is achieved when deep links are used. It’s quick and easy to generate them using our landing page generator.

XML API Integration

A good solution for online travel agencies, the API has been developed to be integrated into your website providing an outstanding customer experience.

How to get started

Detailed video tutorial
Register for our Affiliate Program
Place your affiliate links on your website
Earn from bookings made via your link

Why recommend DiscoverCars.com on your website?

We compare car rental prices to help people find the most suitable option for their trips.

Happy customers

Thousands of them have left great reviews and returned again and again.

More than 700 suppliers

Including major international brands and trusted local car rental companies

Website in 26 languages

24/7 customer support in most of the languages available on the website

Who do we work with?


Most rental cars are picked up at airports. Integrating a car rental booking option via our affiliate link on your website helps car rental companies at the airport get more bookings in advance while providing an additional source of income for you.

Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are the perfect match for car rental affiliate text links. Naturally embedded in well-written, SEO-optimized destination articles, these links have the potential for high convention rates.

Online Travel Agencies

Car rental is one of the most popular services provided to leisure and business travelers worldwide. Joining our affiliate program is a quick, easy-to-implement way to provide car rental options for your clients, which also means a decent additional income for you with zero financial investment involved.

Accommodation Sites

Car rental is one of the most required services after flights and accommodation have been booked. By providing car rental options on your accommodation site, you can increase your customer loyalty and gain an additional source of income.

Mobile Apps

All types of travel-related applications (iOS and Android) can earn commissions from our affiliate link or widget. Examples include offline maps, travel guides, and apps with info about a country, city or region.

Travel Companies

Tour operators should find it useful to be able to offer rental cars to their customers. Our affiliate program is the easiest way to navigate the plethora of rental companies with various options to find the perfect rental car for your customers and earn additional income at the same time. It is easy to sign up and there is no investment required.

What Our Affiliates Say

Anna Karsten
Anna Everywhere
I have been working with Discover Cars for a while and couldn't be happier with this collaboration. They're always responsive and helpful. There are no gimmicks when it comes to tracking sales and payments.
Matthew Karsten
Expert Vagabond
Finding reliable & consistent affiliate partners can be challenging these days. That's why I love working with Discover Cars. They help me monetize my travel website in a natural way, so I can continue creating helpful & entertaining content for my readers.
Nellie Huang
It has been great working with Discover Cars as an affiliate. Sergey and Marina are always prompt in answering all my questions, and they're always helpful and patient. The affiliate system also works very well, making it easy to generate deep links and monthly reports. I also like that Discover Cars offer good prices on their car rentals, making it easy to promote them and generate affiliate income. I definitely want to continue working with them for years to come.
Marta Kulesza
In A Faraway Land
Switching to Discover Cars affiliate program was one of the best business decisions I made in 2019. After being frustrated with the affiliate partner I was working with previously, I wasn’t accustomed to the personal attention that I received from the team at Discover Cars. From the start, they were helpful, always replied to my emails promptly and in great detail. To me, one of the great characteristics of a good partnership is how both sides react when something goes wrong. The team at Discover Cars isn’t afraid to take up responsibility and if something does go wrong, they fix it promptly. With that said, our partnership has been running smoothly for the overwhelming majority of times and for that I am very grateful. If you are looking to grow your business with affiliate network, it doesn’t get better than this!
Alexey Zimin
Alex Zimin
I have been working with the Affiliate Program of Discover Cars for over a year now. They offer all the necessary tools for fruitful cooperation: referral links, a customizable widget, and an easy-to-use personal account which displays all of the information about reservations made, even up to the car type. I’m very pleased with the result; in comparison to other similar affiliate programs, my revenue with Discover Cars is substantially higher. Payments are always processed in a timely manner. Having a dedicated manager, Sergey, always available to answer any questions is incredibly convenient.
Kate Storm
Our Escape Clause
Discover Cars has an fantastic affiliate program and people who are amazing to work with! We’ve never had anything but thorough communication, prompt payments, and excellent advice from them. We’re excited to continue growing together and working with them in the future.
Nate Hake
Travel Lemming
It's hard to find affiliate programs in travel that both provide a great experience to the consumer and offer a productive partnership to bloggers. With other programs, usually either the product is questionable or the brand does not value creators. But Discover Cars is one of those rare affiliate programs that checks both boxes. Readers love the interface and straightforward booking information, while the marketing team is incredibly friendly and supportive of affiliates. Oh, and the commissions are solid too! I'd highly recommend this program to any bloggers looking to partner with a brand that values both customers and content creators.
Shelley Marmor
Travel blogging 101
I love working with professional companies like Discover Cars! Affiliate marketing can sometimes be hit or miss, but I truly feel valued with Discover Cars. As I get paid in a timely manner, and always get responses to my questions, I wouldn't even consider another rental car affiliate program.
Natasha Alden
The World Pursuit
I started with Discover Cars as an affiliate after another major car rental company became unresponsive and owed me thousands. Discover Cars gives personal service, helpful recommendations and have allowed us to continue creating helpful content for our readers. As full time travelers, we love booking our own rental cars with them everywhere and can't recommend them enough.
Martina Santamaria
I started collaborating with the Discover Cars affiliate program after having tried others, and I must say that I am really enjoying collaborating with them. The booking portal is excellent for the user because it’s easy to see necessary information immediately and transparently. As an affiliate, I particularly appreciate, in addition to how easy it is to manage my affiliate links, how easy it is to understand and use the management console. Furthermore, Sabina is always kind and helpful, providing me with advice and helping me to grow and improve my sales.
Ana Luiza
Discover Cars has one of the best affiliate programs I have ever worked with (and I've tried lots of them!). The managers are very dedicated and always available to help, they provide us with tips to grow and monetize better and the commissions are very solid. We have been growing month by month ever since we started working with Discover Cars and we would recommend it to every content producer!
Keith O’Hara
Two of the biggest issues that I've had in the past with affiliate programs are that they're inconsistent with payments and that our readers aren't aware of them and ultimately don't trust them. Discover Cars is consistent with payments, and even if a reader hasn't heard of them, the reviews they've amassed online ensure that trust is gained quickly. All in all, Discover Cars is the best affiliate program that I've worked with to date.
Diego Santiago Serrano González
The Discover Cars affiliate program is one of the best I’ve worked with. I would highlight its clear and accessible information, comprehensive and easy-to-use affiliate panel, and the helpfulness of the Affiliate Marketing Manager in addressing any questions or concerns helping me with whatever is necessary.


What do we do?
Discovercars.com is a car rental comparison website. We offer our affiliate partners a share of our revenue through the placement of an affiliate link or a booking widget on their website. When your customers click this link and book a rental car in the following 365 days, we will pay you a commission.
How does the program work?
A visitor on your site clicks on your affiliate link and lands on Discovercars.com. Each unique click is saved in our database for 365 days. If that person books a car and completes their rental, you will get a percentage of our profit. If the customer returns and books another rental car (within the 365-day period), you will also get a percentage of our profit. All transactions are monitored using Post Affiliate Pro.
What types of links are available?
We offer a variety of banners, promotional text links, and a booking widget. It's up to you to decide what works best for your audience.
How much can I earn and how are commissions paid?
You earn a 70% commission from our car rental profit and a 30% commission on Full Coverage when a customer comes to us directly from your site. This only applies to rentals that are not canceled or refunded. Your commission is a percentage of our profit, not of the price the customer pays. Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal or wire transfer. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.
How are my sales tracked?
Each link contains a unique tracking code. When someone clicks your link, books a car, and completes the rental, your account is credited with the corresponding commission. Access your sales reports anytime through your affiliate account page.
Does it cost anything to join?
No! Our car rental affiliate program is absolutely free. Click here to register
Need some ideas?
You are off to a great start as our affiliate partner because we offer great deals around the world. If you want to utilize popular destinations to boost your revenue from our partnership, we have made a list for your convenience!

In the US, Florida and Illinois are well-loved by our customers and deservedly so considering what awaits travelers there. The wonderful blend of history and nature in Portugal, Italy, Greece and France also catches many eyes. You can also benefit from the interest in the marvelous sceneries, culture and business opportunities of the United Kingdom, Spain, Morocco, and Canada.
Do you have any more information on how affiliate programs work?
Yes, we’ve put together a guide to travel affiliate programs and how you can make money with your travel blog by using them. We also have a guide on how to create content that converts.
Is the DiscoverCars affiliate program available in other affiliate networks?
Yes, affiliate networks where webmasters can find our offer are:
Commission Junction (search in the program search section for Discovercars)
Are the same promotional materials available in all of the networks?
Banners and text links are available in all of the networks. The booking widget is only available in some of them.
Do I have to pay anything to join the DiscoverCars Affiliate Program through one of the affiliate networks?
No, you don’t have to pay anything to join our affiliate program through any of the networks.

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  • High payouts: ~$20 per booking
  • Cookie Lifetime: 365 days
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Do you have any more questions?

Please let us know how we can help.

Sergey Kulpin
Sergey Kulpin
Affiliate Marketing Manager
Sabina Gulbina
Sabina Gulbina
Affiliate Marketing Manager
Renars Freidensons
Renars Freidensons
Head of Aviation Partnerships

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