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Car Rental Affiliate Program

Discover Cars Affiliate Program

What we do? is a car rental comparison website. We offer our affiliate partners a share of our revenue through the placement of an affiliate link or a booking widget on their website. When your customers click this link and book a rental car in the following 365 days, we will pay you a commission.

Why our affiliates are happy?


  • 70% commissions on car rentals and 30% commissions on Full Coverage (percentages taken from Discover Cars’ profit)
  • Commissions paid monthly
  • No administrative fees or other costs


  • Cookie lifetime: 365 days
  • XML API Integration
  • Widget
  • Easy registration
  • Affiliate account panel with detailed information and statistics

Happy end user:

  • Competitive prices for over 10,000 locations worldwide
  • Our awesome 24/7 Customer Support Team
  • Website in 15 languages
  • Our TrustPilot score is 8.9 out of 10

Who do we work with?

All kinds of travel-related websites: 

  • Airports
  • Travel guides
  • Airlines
  • Blogs 
  • Travel agencies
  • Accommodation sites

If your website falls into any of these categories, or something similar, we invite you to partner with us!

How to start?

  1. Click to register.
  2. Instantly receive a link with your affiliate code.
  3. Place the link on your website.
  4. Earn a commission on every booking made through your link.

Need some ideas?

You are off to a great start as our affiliate partner because we offer great deals around the world. If you want to utilize popular destinations to boost your revenue from our partnership, we have made a list for your convenience!

In the US, Florida and Illinois are well-loved by our customers and deservedly so considering what awaits travelers there. The wonderful blend of history and nature in Portugal, Italy, Greece and France also catches many eyes. You can also benefit from the interest in the marvelous sceneries, culture and business opportunities of the United Kingdom, Spain, Morocco, and Canada.

Affiliate Program FAQ

How does the program work?

A visitor on your site clicks to us using your affiliate link. If that person books a car and completes their rental, you get a percentage of our commission. All transactions are monitored using Post Affiliate Pro.

What types of links are available? 

We offer a variety of banners and promotional text links. You decide what works best for your audience.

How are my sales tracked?

Each link contains a unique tracking code. When someone clicks your link, books a car, and completes the rental, your account is credited with the corresponding commission. Access your sales reports anytime on your affiliate account page.

How much can I earn and how are commissions paid?

You earn a 70% commission on car rentals and a 30% commission on Full Coverage when customers come to us directly from your site. This only applies to rentals that aren't canceled or refunded. Your commission is a percentage of our profit, not of the price the customer pays. Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal or wire transfer. For more information, please read our terms and conditions.

Does it cost anything to join?

No! Our car rental affiliate program is absolutely free. Click here to register.

Have more questions?

Our affiliate marketing manager, Sergey Kulpin, is ready to help:

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