Customer ratings worldwide

7.7 / 10
  • Overall value for money of your rental car 7.6
  • Ease of finding rental desk or representative 7.8
  • Efficiency of the car rental agents 7.4
  • Time spent picking up the car 7.1
  • Time spent dropping off the car 8.3
  • Car cleanliness 8.1
  • Overall condition of the car 7.8

Record go is a car rental company headquartered in Spain. With rental locations in Spain, Portugal, and Greece, the company serves vacationers with a wide range of options for vehicles for rent.

Record go has been in the car rental industry for over 20 years, first starting in Spain before opening locations in Portugal and Greece.

In Spain, the company has offices in the center of Bilbao, Málaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia — all of these are just a short walk from the main train stations, so customers arriving with, for example, the AVE in Valencia can easily get from the train to their location to pick up a rental car. It also has locations in the major airports of southern Spain.

Record go is also a major supplier for the Balearic Islands of Spain. These islands are very popular travel destinations — and for good reason. Their mild climates and lovely beaches make for the ideal vacation, and Record Go’s fleet of vehicles is catered just for that.

At many of its airport locations, the company has rental desks inside the terminal. This is very convenient for picking up a rental vehicle, saving you the time and hassle of a shuttle bus. 

In Greece, Record Go has locations at Athens and Thessaloniki Airports, the country's two main airports. Travelers can explore all of the mainland of the country by picking up a car from Record Go at either airport. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t yet have any locations on any Greek islands, and the company doesn’t allow its vehicles to be taken onboard a ferry.

Record Go is constantly improving its vast fleet. In recent years, it has focused on adding electric vehicles to its fleet. With Record Go, you can rent a car with a much lower carbon footprint than before and have an environment-friendly vacation — even more so given their locations near major translations — so you can even avoid flying!

As of March 2023, the minimum age you have to be to rent a car from Record Go in Spain is 19. In Portugal, it’s the same. However, if you want to rent a car in Greece from the company, keep in mind that you’ll need to be at least 21 years old. You should also be aware that the company charges a Young Driver Fee to anyone who is under 25.

Similarly, though the company doesn’t have a maximum age limit, it does charge an additional fee to drivers that are over 70 in all of the countries it currently operates.

Balearic Islands
Good 7.7 / 7,451 reviews
Most popular locations:


Good 7.9 / 1,452 reviews
Ibiza Airport (IBZ) Good 7.9 / 1,452 reviews


Good 7.4 / 4,592 reviews
Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) Good 7.4 / 4,592 reviews


Very good 8.3 / 1,407 reviews
Menorca Airport (MAH) Very good 8.3 / 1,407 reviews
Very good 8.3 / 804 reviews
Most popular locations:


Very good 8.4 / 369 reviews
Athens Airport (ATH) Very good 8.4 / 369 reviews


Very good 8.1 / 319 reviews
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) Very good 8.1 / 319 reviews
Very good 8 / 2,731 reviews
Most popular locations:


Very good 8 / 1,257 reviews
Lisbon Airport (LIS) Very good 8 / 1,257 reviews


Very good 8.1 / 1,379 reviews
Porto Airport (OPO) Very good 8.1 / 1,379 reviews
Good 7.6 / 8,453 reviews
Most popular locations:


Good 7.9 / 1,905 reviews
Alicante Airport (ALC) Good 7.9 / 1,883 reviews


Good 7.4 / 1,958 reviews
Barcelona Airport (BCN) Good 7.4 / 1,652 reviews
Barcelona Train Station Good 7.5 / 306 reviews


Very good 8 / 307 reviews
Bilbao Airport (BIO) Very good 8 / 290 reviews


Good 7.8 / 1,512 reviews
Madrid Airport (MAD) Good 7.8 / 1,226 reviews
Madrid Atocha Train Station Good 7.9 / 256 reviews


Good 7.2 / 1,802 reviews
Malaga Airport (AGP) Good 7.1 / 1,740 reviews
Malaga Train Station Very good 8.7 / 62 reviews


Good 7.9 / 538 reviews
Seville Airport (SVQ) Very good 8 / 424 reviews
Seville Train Station Good 7.6 / 114 reviews


Good 7.9 / 414 reviews
Valencia Airport (VLC) Good 7.9 / 366 reviews
Valencia Train Station Very good 8.2 / 48 reviews
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