September 22, 2023

Revealing the roundabout capital of the world

For all of us who have ever set foot behind the steering wheel, we are well familiarized with roundabouts. Perhaps you're someone who actively enjoys the challenge of navigating your way through to the right exit, or you avoid roundabouts as much as possible. Regardless of which type of driver you may be, roundabouts are seemingly everywhere – especially in Europe.

But how does that compare to the rest of the world? And, which country trumps all for the total number of roundabouts? To find out, we at have gathered and analyzed the data for roundabouts in each country to determine which is the 'roundabout capital' of the world.


We downloaded OpenStreetMap extracts data for each country, which were then filtered to show only elements matching a set of tags identifying them as roads or roundabouts.

Roundabouts on OpenStreetMap may be comprised of separate road sections. Therefore, roundabout elements (marked as roundabouts, traffic circles, or mini-roundabouts) were then matched so that any element within 10 meters was marked as part of the same roundabout. Then, any element within 10 meters of those matching elements was marked as such until there were no roundabout elements within 10 meters.

The countries were then ranked according to the total number of roundabouts, total roundabouts per square kilometer, and total roundabouts per capita (1 million people).

Countries with a land area of less than 10,000km, as per data taken from World Population Review, were excluded from the rankings.

Most Roundabouts per Country

Firstly, we looked at the total number of roundabouts in each country and ranked them accordingly. The results are interesting and highlight just how many roundabouts are prevalent in just one country.

Let's get into the top 5 countries for the total volume of roundabouts!

    1. France

    In first place by a landslide is France, which has a total of 42,986 roundabouts throughout the country! This is 65% higher than the next entry in the ranking, demonstrating just how frequently roundabouts appear in this country.

    This country also ranks first place for the most roundabouts per capita – recording a staggering 663.8 roundabouts per million people – and 4th place for the most roundabouts per square kilometer at 78.5 roundabouts.

    Notable roundabouts in France include the Place de l'Étoile (pictured above) – which is the world-famous roundabout that circles the Arc De Triomphe and is also the country's largest roundabout.

    2. United Kingdom

    Next is the United Kingdom, which recorded a total of 25,976 roundabouts throughout its islands. Interestingly, the UK also ranked second in the ranking for the countries with the most roundabouts per km2 – seeing 107.4 roundabouts per km2 across the country.

    Notable roundabouts in the United Kingdom include the Magic Roundabout – located in the town of Swindon and famed for its construction of 5 mini-roundabouts within one larger roundabout, allowing drivers to travel anti-clockwise in the center while drivers on the outside travel in a clockwise direction.

    3. Italy

    In third place for the country with the most roundabouts in total is Italy, which has a total of 18,172 roundabouts. The country also just narrowly missed the top 5 for both the most roundabouts per capita and per square kilometer. Italy has 61.5 roundabouts per km2, with 308.7 roundabouts per million people.

    Notable roundabouts found in Italy include the Piazza Venezia – which is the largest roundabout in Rome, and circles around a floral grass bank in the center of the square – making for excellent views for driving tourists.

    Italy is renowned for its fantastic driving landscapes, making it a popular destination for tourists from across the globe to traverse by car.

    4. Spain

    In 4th place is Spain, which saw 15,053 roundabouts in total. The country also just missed out on the top-5 ranking for both total roundabouts per km2 and per capita. Overall, Spain recorded 30.1 roundabouts per km2, with 316.8 roundabouts per 1 million people.

    Notable roundabouts found in Spain include the Glorieta de Bilbao – a star-shaped roundabout that is located in Madrid and named after the city of Bilbao.

    Another popular roundabout in Spain is La Siberia – located in the province of Badajoz – which is Europe's largest roundabout and is surrounded by water on each side with a large pointed hill in the center, offering incredible views for tourists.

    5. Brazil

    Rounding out the top 5 countries that have the most roundabouts in total is Brazil – recording 11,854 roundabouts. Brazil also recorded 54.8 roundabouts per capita and 1.4 roundabouts per square kilometer.

    One of the most notable areas for roundabouts within Brazil is the city of Palmas, which boasts over 60 roundabouts within a small, metropolitan area. This city is unique for its grid pattern connected by roundabouts, making for an interesting city drive.

    Most roundabouts per capita

    Now that we've established which countries have the highest number of roundabouts in total, it's time to take a look at the five countries with the most roundabouts per capita. Some of these countries may feel familiar, as they feature on several rankings throughout the research.

    Let's get into it

    1. France

    In first place is France, which will come as no surprise given the sheer volume of roundabouts located in this country. As mentioned previously, France is home to 42,986 roundabouts – equating to 663.8 roundabouts per million people.

    2. Portugal

    In second place is Portugal – which is home to 473.4 roundabouts per million people. In total, Portugal has 4,851 roundabouts, and the country just narrowly missed the top-5 ranking for the most roundabouts per square kilometer at 53 roundabouts.

    Notable roundabouts in Portugal include the Globe Roundabout – located in Albufeira. This roundabout is instantly recognizable for its globe adornment and water feature, making it a great sight for tourists traveling by car.

    3. Norway

    Coming in third place is Norway, which has 427.1 roundabouts per capita. In total, Norway is home to 2,338 roundabouts throughout the country and has roughly 6.4 roundabouts per square kilometer.

    The most notable roundabout in Norway is Karmøy Tunnel, which is located 60m under sea level. The roundabout is located within one of Europe's longest under-sea tunnels and makes for a truly unique experience.

    4. Iceland

    Next, in fourth place is Iceland – which is home to 421 roundabouts per million people. In total, Iceland has 158 roundabouts and 1.6 roundabouts per square kilometer.

    The most notable roundabout that can be found in Iceland is the large, 3-exit roundabout located in Selfoss. Iceland generally has very few roundabouts, with the majority being located in and around the capital of Reykjavik and other larger cities.

    5. Ireland

    Finally, concluding the ranking for countries with the most roundabouts per capita is Ireland – which has 385 roundabouts per million people. The country also has 28.3 roundabouts per square kilometer, with 1,947 roundabouts in total.

    One of the notable roundabouts located in Ireland is the Walkinstown Roundabout, which is notorious for its difficulty for drivers to navigate, providing access to 6 of South Dublin's busiest roads.

    Most Roundabouts per Square Kilometer

    Finally, for the final ranking within this research, we looked at the countries that have the highest number of roundabouts per square kilometer of land. Once again, some of these entries may be familiar – as some countries have carried across multiple of the top 5's!

    With that said, let's take a look at our final ranking for this report:

    1. Netherlands

    In first place is the Netherlands, which has 113.4 roundabouts per square kilometer. The Netherlands has a total of 3,817 roundabouts, equating to 216.6 roundabouts per million people.

    Notable roundabouts in the Netherlands include the Cycle Roundabout in Eindhoven (pictured above) – a fascinating double roundabout that services drivers on the road level and cyclists on an elevated ring-shaped platform.

    2. United Kingdom

    In second place is the United Kingdom, which will be a familiar face. The UK has recorded 107.4 roundabouts per square kilometer across the country and is home to a total of 25,976 roundabouts. This is the equivalent of 383.5 roundabouts per capita million people.

    3. Israel

    In third place is Israel, which has 81.8 roundabouts per square kilometer of land. In total, Israel is home to 1,770 roundabouts, equating to 192.9 roundabouts per capita (per 1 million).

    The most notable destination for roundabouts in Israel is the city of Beersheba (pictured above), which is often dubbed the "roundabout capital of Israel" due to having over 250 roundabouts throughout the city perimeter.

    4. France

    In fourth place is France – yet another familiar face. France has recorded 78.5 roundabouts per square kilometer, having 42,986 roundabouts in total throughout the country. This is the equivalent of 663.8 roundabouts per million people.

    5. Belgium

    And last but not least, in fifth place is Belgium – which has 67.7 roundabouts per square kilometer. In total, the country has 2,051 roundabouts – the equivalent of 175.5 roundabouts per million people.

    The most notable roundabout in Belgium is the floating tap roundabout located in Ypres (pictured above). As the name suggests, this roundabout features a giant, floating tap decoration in its center which makes it instantly recognizable to tourists traveling through the area.


    With that, we have wrapped up our research on the 'roundabout capitals' of the world. The results may have surprised you, and have revealed the countries that truly deserve the title of 'roundabout capital'.

    A staple of driving on any road, we hope that this report has helped to unveil the fun side of these often-avoided features, and has even revealed that some roundabouts around the world are even considered tourist attractions in their own right and may be more worthy of a visit on your next sightseeing trip – rather than being avoided.

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    Top Related Locations
    Here are some other places that have many roundabouts for you to drive around and around. We've also included the closest airports from which you can rent a car.
    • Paris, France (Paris Charles de Gaulle): France came in first in two of our rankings, so naturally Paris is the place to go for roundabouts.
    • Rome, Italy (Ciampino or Fiumicino Airports): Since Italy made the top for the total number of roundabouts, visiting its capital is definitely a great way to experience some roundabouts.
    • Orlando, Florida (Orlando Airport): More and more roundabouts (or traffic circles) are being built in the US, with Florida currently having the highest number of them of any state.
    • Auckland, New Zealand (Auckland Airport): The capital of roundabouts in New Zealand, Hamilton, is only a short drive from Auckland.
    • Madrid, Spain (Madrid Airport): Spain is on our top 5 list of countries with the highest number of roundabouts, and Madrid has the highest percentage of intersections that are roundabouts in the country.
    • Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane Airport): Australia also has a large number of roundabouts, and Brisbane is no exception — there are many roundabouts in the city.
    • Faro, Portugal (Faro Airport): Portugal made our list of countries with the highest number of roundabouts, and plenty of those are in the Algarve.
    • Marrakech, Morocco (Marrakech Airport): Moroccan towns have plenty of roundabouts, and you'll find a lot of them in the tourist hotspot that is Marrakech.
    • Dublin, Ireland (Dublin Airport): Dublin, being the largest city in Ireland, has the most roundabouts in the country. The city is also the natural starting point for a road trip around the country having the largest airport.
    • Budapest, Hungary (Budapest Airport): Though you won't find too many roundabouts in the center of Budapest, there are plenty in the outskirts of the city and in small towns across Hungary.
    • Istanbul, Turkey (Istanbul Airport): Though it didn't make our list, Turkey has plenty of roundabouts. naturally, Istanbul has many of them being the largest city in the country by far.
    • Calgary, Canada (Calgary Airport): Though Canada had a late start building roundabouts, there are now plenty in the country, with Calgary having the highest number of them.
    • Colorado Springs, Colorado(Colorado Springs Airport): The city with the second most number of roundabouts in the US is Colorado Springs, which is also a great place to start a trip to the Rockies.
    • Reykjavik, Iceland (Keflavik Airport): Iceland made our list of most roundabouts per capita, not that one needs an excuse to visit the gorgeous nature the country has to offer.
    • Brasilia, Brazil (Brasilia Airport): Though there is a small airport in Palmas, the Brazilian city with the most roundabouts, Brasilia Airport is the closest major airport.
    • Krakow, Poland (Krakow Airport): Poland has some large roundabouts, and Rondo Grzegórzeckie in Krakow is a good example. You'll find a lot more roundabouts in the Polish countryside.
    • Bristol, United Kingdom (Bristol Airport): There are plenty of roundabouts in Bristol, but it's also one of the closest cities to Swindon where the Magic Roundabout can be found.
    • Bucharest, Romania (Bucharest Airport): The capital of Romania has many roundabouts and some very interesting ones, like Piata Romana and the roundabout with the Triumphal Arch in the middle.
    • Cancun, Mexico (Cancun Airport): Cancun has many roundabouts, but many of them have traffic lights on them, making them quite unique.
    • Vienna, Austria (Vienna Airport): While there aren't a lot of roundabouts in Vienna itself, parts of the Lower Austria region around it have many — just another reason to leave the city and see the countryside.

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