Meet Our Writers

At Hittin' the Road Across the World, we endeavor to provide travelers with the information they need to make their trips memorable for a lifetime. From suggestions for some of the best road trips in the world to specials on rental cars, our writing gives travelers ideas for planning their trip and saving money

Though our writers have various professional backgrounds, they have one common thread — they are all avid travelers. Some have even been full-time travelers in the past. This makes the information they give not only accurate, but useful as they know exactly what travelers need to know before setting off. And since they've been to many of they places the write about, they know are able to give special tips about hidden and under-rated things to see and do.

Our common goal is to provide accurate information. In today's constantly-changing world, this can be difficult. We go through pains to make sure what we write is accurate when published. And while we attempt to keep that information up to date as best as possible — there may a few instances where we fail in this respect. We would be thrilled if you informed of us of any updates we should make in an article — with your help we can make travel easier!
Daniel Cole
Content Manager
A world-traveler, Daniel has been creating content for since 2019. Before that, he had traveled through some 50 countries, highlights of which include traveling by rental car across the United States, experiencing the danger of the sun in Brazil, and freezing in Lapland in the middle of winter.

Though Daniel's degrees are in Economics and Finance, his passion is creating travel content. Even when staying put, writing travel-related pieces let him experience the thrill of travel.
Aleksandrs Buraks
Head of Growth
Aleksandrs has over 10 years of experience in marketing with a focus on creating stellar content that provides topical insights using data. Having taken five road trips across Europe and one in the U.S., he is passionate about traveling by car. His favorite countries to visit are Denmark and Thailand. You can find him on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.
Anna Racko
Senior Business Development Manager
Originally from Riga, Anna has lived in London for the past 13 years. She adores traveling, thus why she studied tourism at ISMA. After graduating and working in the travel industry, she took on the challenge of developing and expanding a very successful car rental platform for Atlas Choice. Throughout her career, she has upheld the ideal that clients should receive the same service she would be happy to receive herself — hassle-free and without hidden charges. She absolutely adores Portugal and even after visiting 10 times, it still has something new to offer her. She's happy to be a part of the great Discover team now and for the journey to continue!
Darja Sisparjonoka
Key Account Manager
Darja started with Discover Cars back in 2015 while attending University. She had the opportunity to join a new team and grow professionally. Traveling always brings joy to her life and the most interesting place she has traveled to so far has been Seoul, South Korea. Some of the things she would still like to do include driving along the coast of California, finding some fascinating stores in the heart of Japan, and enjoying diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Her goal is to visit every continent in the future and explore countries closer to home, as well. You can find her on LinkedIn.
Anzhelika Kondratenko
Key Account Manager
From Riga where she adores living, Anzhelika joined Discover Cars in 2018. She continuously learns and develops herself here which makes her feel excited and brings her new emotions. Her previous work was connected with marketing including being a project manager for exhibitions in which she responsible for projects coordinated with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia at TVA Logistics. She loves traveling and discovering new places makes her feel satisfied and motivates her to move forward. She has rented numerous cars while traveling and would advise renting from well-known companies and reserving an automatic car when traveling in the mountains. You can find her on LinkedIn.
Richard Kalashnikov
Key Account Manager
Richard is originally from sunny Jurmala, which he thinks is the best city in the world. At 24, he is the youngest Key Account Manager at Discover Cars. He joined the team back in 2017 and started as a data entry assistant. Since the first day, he was super motivated to grow professionally and personally. He speaks several languages, including English, Greek, Russian, and Latvian. Richard holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management at ISMA University. His favorite place, after Jurmala, is London, but he would love to go to New Zealand. He says his experience renting cars has been easy due to using the best platform for car rental bookings — You can find him on LinkedIn.