November 3, 2021

Interview with Natasha and Cameron from The World Pursuit

How Natasha and Cameron's travels and blog changed due to the pandemic
When it came to traveling during the pandemic, what was the hardest thing logistically? What was the hardest emotionally?
We didn't travel abroad anywhere in 2020, but we did travel domestically in Canada in the fall of 2020. Traveling domestically throughout 2020 was simple as we drove everywhere and enjoyed some epic road trips in Western Canada.

In early 2021 we ventured into the United States via land border and traveled to the US for much of the winter and spring. We didn't hop on our first international flight until Italy opened up in early June 2021. We booked one of their first "COVID Safe" flights, which involved getting a PCR test before travel, a rapid test and the airport, and another test once we arrived in Rome. We were some of the first international tourists on the ground in Italy in 2021, which was a fantastic experience. The hardest thing to plan logistically is wrapping our heads around the constant changes of rules. We frequently check if there have been updates to what is open and what is not.

Getting PCR tests for travel is always a hurdle with timing it correctly with your flight as well. Emotionally it has been difficult seeing what has happened to many local businesses. It's saddening to see closed shops and restaurants with no hope of opening back up. Many businesses didn't make it through the pandemic; often there was no government support.
Did you get caught in a lockdown anywhere? If so, how did it go? What helped you get through it?
We managed to avoid getting locked down anywhere. In March 2020 when the world felt like it was ending, we were already at home in Alberta waiting to see what would happen. We had a few trips inevitably get cancelled, but never got caught anywhere.
Did you continue blogging and posting on social media during the pandemic? How did the situation affect your blog?
There weren't many industries that were affected more than the travel industry, and this trickles all the way down to travel bloggers. Thankfully, when everyone went into lockdown we had about three months worth of content that we were backed up on from our 2019 travels, so it gave us some much needed time to catch up.

We also started another website during the pandemic, one dedicated to local travel around the Canadian Rockies where we are based. Getting The Banff Blog ( off the ground was a project we always knew we would undertake, but the pandemic let us execute it quickly.

We continued posting to social media, and I finally joined TikTok, like many others. I had a lot of fun watching random strangers on the internet get through the pandemic, and enjoyed creating my own videos.
If you kept traveling during the pandemic, tell us about your most memorable experience. Was there a new type of travel that you fell in love with? Were there any experiences that you had that you would not have otherwise?
We traveled around our local area throughout the hardest parts of the pandemic. Our favorite trip of the year was with a local horseback riding company. They put together a trip that brought a small group of locals into the Banff backcountry via horseback. We spent five nights riding deep into the wilderness like the olden days. Days were spent on our trusty horses, and nights were spent around the fire before heading into our log cabin.

I've always loved these kinds of outdoor adventures, but the trip just reinforced my love, and reminded me I need to book more adventurous activities like this.
With many borders closed, a lot of people traveled around their own countries. Is this something that you also did?
Yes. I feel fortunate that we were "locked down" in such a beautiful part of the world with so much open space. 2020 actually turned out to be one of the better years of my life because of it.
Did you take up any new hobbies while you were unable to travel?
We took part in the big bike boom of 2020. In early 2020 we decided to spend all the money that we would traveling and invest it in mountain bikes, road bikes, and a canoe. I had always hated road biking before that, but now it's one of my top hobbies.
What's the thing about traveling that hasn't come back yet that you miss the most?
The ease of saying "I want to go somewhere tomorrow," and realizing that you can't anymore. I always loved being a spontaneous traveler, a privilege that my American passport has given me. Now there are many logistics into going just about anywhere.
Do you have any grand adventures planned next?
We have flights booked to Thailand! Following the announcement that they were opening to certain countries on November 1st without harsh quarantine requirements we decided it was a great time to go and escape winter for a bit. There are still some rules we need to comply with, but it's worth it to travel to Asia again.
Being a traveler, you often deal with uncertain situations and new experiences. Do you think this prepared you to handle the pandemic better than most?
I don't think I ever could have prepared for the world to shut down overnight. It was something we had only ever seen in movies. However like everything we just had to learn and adapt to the situation.
Do you have anything else you would like to tell readers or any optimistic thoughts for the future of travel?
I believe the worst of this pandemic is far behind us (knock on wood), and that the world will open up again. Slowly but surely!

Natasha and Cameron from The World Pursuit

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