13 June 2020

A Milestone We Couldn't Dream of Reaching

We've now had 20,000 customers review us on Trustpilot!

What is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is the leading website for honest reviews of businesses on the web. It hosts reviews from real customers and does everything it can to make sure those reviews are real, fair, and honest. Millions of people across the world rely on the reviews left on Trustpilot when making the decision to purchase a company's services or products.

A key element of the system Trustpilot has built is its ability to determine if reviews are genuine. Many reviews left on other platforms may not be genuine reviews from customers that have used the service or purchased the product.

Trustpilot and Us

We started collecting reviews on Trustpilot in January of 2015. Five and half years ago, we had no idea that we'd have been reviewed by so many customers now.

Over the past five years, we have striven to incorporate each and every piece of feedback to make our product and customer service better. Therefore, each and every one of these 20,000 reviews, not just the positive ones, has made us better.

And this has made our customers' experience so good, that our overall score is now 4.6/5 ☆. Furthermore, only 9% of our customers have rated us poorly, and a whopping 74% rate us as good or excellent.

We love replying to our customers, and not just to clarify points raised, but to thank reviewers for their feedback. In fact, we have responded to more than a thousand customers on Trustpilot itself and many more privately.

A Selection of Highlights

At the risk of bragging too much, we must celebrate this milestone by highlighting some of the reviews that have left us with a sense of accomplishment. Most customers note our low prices but that at the same time, we are transparent when it comes to additional fees and charges.
What makes us the happiest are the reviews highlighting the excellent service our Customer Support team strives to provide each and every customer. When customers mention or team members by name, we just can't help but smile.
Many reviewers have also made note of the service they receive from our Customer Satisfaction team. This team deals with both complaints between customers and the rental companies and compensation claims under our Full Coverage product.
Many customers are happy with their choice to purchase our Full Coverage. They particularly are thrilled that we compensate them in a quick manner.
Finally, sometimes, we get reviews that are particularly special. This one comes from a former player of the football club Benfica of which one of our Customer Support agents is a fan. Finding an idol of his an excellent rental car deal was quite a highlight for him.

Daniel Cole

Content Manager
A world-traveler, Daniel has been creating content for DiscoverCars.com since 2019. Before that, he had traveled through some 50 countries, highlights of which include traveling by rental car across the United States, experiencing the danger of the sun in Brazil, and freezing in Lapland in the middle of winter.

Though Daniel's degrees are in Economics and Finance, his passion is creating travel content. Even when staying put, writing travel-related pieces let him experience the thrill of travel.

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