February 22, 2024

150k Reasons To Celebrate

We've now had over 150k customers review us on Trustpilot!
We're thrilled to announce another reason to celebrate — over 150k of our customers have now reviewed us on Trustpilot. We're thankful for each and every one of them for helping make our product better.

And we still have the 4.6/5 ☆ rating the last time we hit a big number. For that, we're thankful for our customers, team, and all of our partners who together work tirelessly to make sure we offer the best rental experience we can.

It took us eight years to reach 100k, but it only took us one more to reach 150k. We can only wait with baited breath at what'll come next!

Without the feedback of our customers, both good and bad, we wouldn't know where we could improve, nor where exactly we have things right. So we look forward to more and more coming in.

What is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is the leading website for honest reviews of businesses on the web. It hosts reviews from real customers and does everything it can to make sure those reviews are real, fair, and honest. Millions of people across the world rely on the reviews left on Trustpilot when making the decision to purchase a company's services or products.

A key element of the system Trustpilot has built is its ability to determine if reviews are genuine. Many reviews left on other platforms may not be genuine reviews from customers that have used the service or purchased the product.

Daniel Cole

Content Strategist
A world-traveler, Daniel has been creating content for DiscoverCars.com since 2019. Before that, he had traveled through some 50 countries, highlights of which include traveling by rental car across the United States, experiencing the danger of the sun in Brazil, and freezing in Lapland in the middle of winter.

Though his degrees are in Economics and Finance, his passion is creating travel content. Even when staying put, writing travel-related pieces let him experience the thrill of travel.