22 January 2021

DiscoverCars.com Named Adventure Tour Company of the Year 2021, Latvia

by the World Travel and Hospitality Awards
DiscoverCars.com is proud to announce that it has been named the Adventure Tour Company of the Year 2021, Latvia in the Travel and Hospitality Awards.

The judges of the THA recognized that DiscoverCars.com gives its customers an outstanding car rental booking experience that allows them to explore the world at their own pace. The company, while based in Latvia, serves customers throughout the world.

DiscoverCars.com offers the perfect vehicles for adventures in locations throughout the world. For example, customers can find 4x4 vehicles on the South Island of New Zealand that are perfect for mountain adventures no matter what season it is.

The company has doubled down over the last couple of years on improving its customers' booking experience. It constantly is releasing new improvements, the sole goal of which is to improve how customers book their rental car. It has also kept expanded its reach during the coronavirus pandemic, adding new partners in locations across the world so that its customers can easily explore them on their own terms.

In addition, DiscoverCars.com was named the Leading Car Rental Booking Website in the 2020 World Travel Awards and was a Silver Winner in the Online Travel Services Marketing-Website category of the Magellan Awards by Travel Weekly. The company was also the fastest growing car rental company in the FT 1000: Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2020.
About the Travel and Hospitality Awards
THA is a group of travel enthusiasts, bloggers, and experts who've come together to celebrate those organizations that are excelling in the field of travel and hospitality. Their panel of judges works independently and they choose the best hotels, tour operators, and other organizations that are doing well in the industry as winners of the prestigious award. THA intends to bring out the best in the travel industry and highlight it for the world to see.

Aleksandrs Buraks

Head of Growth at DiscoverCars.com
Aleksandrs has over 10 years of experience in marketing with a focus on creating stellar content that provides topical insights using data. Having taken five road trips across Europe and one in the U.S., he is passionate about traveling by car. His favorite countries to visit are Denmark and Thailand. You can find him on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

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