December 1, 2022

Top Locations as Rated by Our Customers

No two places are equal when it comes to travel. There'll always be new places to explore and adventures to be had. But when it comes to choosing where to go, some places are clearly better than others.

We ask our customers to rate their trips after they drop off their rental car. Using data taken between August 2022 and August 2022, here are the places they rate as providing the best travel experiences.

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Some more details about the top destinations

1. Seychelles (9.28). Located in the Indian Ocean and geographically part of Africa, the small island nation of Seychelles is, according to our clients, the best place on the planet to rent a car. Known for its world-class beaches and tropical rainforest, the country's terrain is mountainous, but the road network is nonetheless in a good shape which no doubt contributes to the overall experience. The country is served by both large international car rental companies and smaller, but equally highly-rated local distributors.

2. Rovaniemi (9.23). Home to Santa, the midnight sun, and the northern lights, the Finnish city of Rovaniemi is a unique destination. Located just south of the Arctic Circle, the city is quite spread out, so it's good news that its car rental rating is so high – getting a ride is a must to enjoy everything that Rovaniemi offers. The most adventurous visitors will also travel outside the city boundaries, perhaps as far north as the town and lake of Inari, the heartland of native Sami culture.

3. Kalamata (9.12). Known for olives, beaches, hospitality, and – apparently – high-quality car rental services, the Greek city of Kalamata is an all-around fine place to visit. In addition to the aforementioned coastline, popular trips include the Messini archaeological site, the stunning Lousios Gorge, and the rest of the Peloponnese peninsula.

4. Bratislava (9.08). More than just 'that capital really close to Vienna', Bratislava is one of Europe's most interesting historical destinations. It's also a great place to rent a car, as shown by the highest rating among large European metropolises. Having a ride helps explore the city itself, as well as, potentially, the western part of Slovakia.

5. Ljubljana (9.04). The capital of Slovenia is not only one of Europe's most scenic capitals, but it's also a great place for renting a car. Offering plenty to see and do, Ljubljana can also serve as a hub for exploring the rest of the country – popular day trip destinations include the majestic Triglav National Park, the fairytale town of Bled, and the Adriatic Sea coast.

6. Adelaide (8.97). The capital of South Australia might not be getting as many tourists as Sydney and Melbourne, but those who do visit are evidently satisfied with the experience. An underrated urban destination in its own right, Adelaide is also just a relatively short drive away from many beautiful beaches and nature preserves.

7. Bridgetown (8.96). Famous for rum and Rihanna, the Caribbean nation of Barbados should also be recognized for the high quality of its rental car services – it is the highest-ranked destination in all of the New World. The country's cozy capital, Bridgetown, is known for its laid-back vibe and UNESCO-recognized architecture, but can equally be used as a hub for exploring the rest of the island.

8. Kefalonia (8.90). Another Greek entry on the list, and also located along the country's west coast, the island of Kefalonia is known for the strong Venetian influence on its architecture and culture – for centuries,it was a part of that famous maritime empire. Nowadays, thousands also visit it for seafood, beaches, and natural wonders like the Drogarati and Melissani caves.
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