Customer ratings worldwide

7.8 / 10
  • Overall value for money of your rental car 7.9
  • Ease of finding rental desk or representative 7.9
  • Efficiency of the car rental agents 7.5
  • Time spent picking up the car 7.2
  • Time spent dropping off the car 8.3
  • Car cleanliness 7.8
  • Overall condition of the car 7.8

A large and well-known car rental company, Brent operates in Italy, one of the most popular travel destinations of the continent of Europe, and, indeed, the planet. In Italy, B-Rent has offices in the large mainland cities of Milan, Naples, Turin, Bologna, and Rome, and their respective international airports, but also on the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia which are equally popular when it comes to both domestic and international tourism.

On Sicily, the company operates at Catania Airport. On Sardinia, it operates at Olbia Airport and Alghero Airport.

Be aware that in Italy, you are technically required to have an International Driving Permit if your license is not from the EU or UK (for example, you’re American). While some rental companies may not enforce this rule, B-Rent does and will refuse to give you a car if you don’t have an IDP and are required to by law.

Good 7.5 / 2081 reviews
Most popular locations:


Satisfactory 6.8 / 600 reviews
Milan Airport Linate (LIN) Good 7.3 / 128 reviews
Milan Central Train Station Good 7 / 250 reviews


Good 7.8 / 1408 reviews
Naples Airport (NAP) Good 7.8 / 1384 reviews
Very good 8 / 2295 reviews
Most popular locations:


Very good 8 / 1225 reviews
Sardinia Cagliari Airport (CAG) Very good 8 / 1225 reviews


Very good 8.2 / 851 reviews
Olbia Airport (OLB) Very good 8.2 / 851 reviews
Good 7.8 / 1365 reviews
Most popular locations:


Good 7.8 / 1365 reviews
Catania-Fontanarossa Airport (CTA) Good 7.8 / 1365 reviews
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