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Kerry, Ireland
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Cheapest Car Rental Rates

Kerry Airport
Ford Focus or similar
Ford Focus
  • 5
  • 2
  • 5
  • A/C
  • Man.
$18.14 / per day
Kerry Airport
Skoda Octavia or similar
Skoda Octavia
  • 5
  • 3
  • 4
  • A/C
  • Man.
$33.51 / per day

Most Popular Car Rental Deals

Kerry Airport
Audi A6 or similar
Audi A6
  • 5
  • 2
  • 4
  • A/C
  • Auto.
$111.23 / per day
Kerry Airport
BMW 3 Series or similar
BMW 3 Series
  • 5
  • 2
  • 3
  • A/C
  • Auto.
$114.05 / per day
The above prices are only approximate and were last updated at 01:26 on 2024-06-14. Prices may vary based on the booking dates, length of rental, and car class.

Travel Information

English, Irish
Drive on
Left-hand side
Country code
Average car rental price
$54 per day
Average car rental length
5 days
Speed limit within town
30 - 50 km/h or 19 - 31 mph
Speed limit out of town
80 - 120 km/h or 50 - 75 mph
Acceptable limit of BAC
8.0 / 10

Why rent a car in Kerry?

County Kerry, a region located in the southwestern part of Ireland, is a great place to explore, especially if you have a rental car. Often considered the most scenic part of the country, it is home to the famous Ring of Kerry, beautiful nature, impressive hills, and traditional little villages. After seeing the best that County Kerry has to offer, you can easily explore the rest of Ireland - the distances are small and the roads are in great condition.


One-Way Car Rentals in Kerry

The most popular one-way rental options for pick up in Kerry and drop off in another city include:

  • From Kerry to Dublin - 34 offers from $26.58 per day
  • From Kerry to Knock - 34 offers from $26.58 per day

Top ways to enter Kerry

  • Kerry Airport: Also known as Kerry-Farranfore, this small airport is only served by Ryanair. The airport hosts some domestic flights as well as flights to and from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Kerry Airport is 20km (13 miles) southeast of Tralee, the county town of County Kerry.
  • Shannon Airport: Located in County Clare, this small airport served 1.5 million travelers in 2022. In addition to providing domestic and European connections, it also hosts flights to and from a number of destinations in the USA and Canada. Located near the city of Limerick, Shannon Airport is 125km (78 miles) northeast of Tralee and can be reached in about 1 hour and 40 minutes.
  • Cork Airport: Serving Ireland’s second city, Cork Airport handled about 2.24 million travelers in 2022. The airport has flights by 7 different airlines, including carriers like Aer Lingus and Air France. Located 120km (75 miles) southeast of Tralee, Cork Airport can be reached in about 1 hour and 50 minutes.
  • Dublin Airport: By far the largest airport in the country, and among the 15 busiest in Europe, Dublin Airport handled 28 million travelers in 2022. The airport is served by more than 40 airlines with most of the air traffic provided by Aer Lingus, Ryanair, and TUI Airways. Located in the northeast of the country, Dublin Airport is 304km (189 miles) from Tralee and can be reached in just over three hours.

City facts

  • Like much of the rest of Ireland, County Kerry has a temperate oceanic climate. The average high temperature is 20°C  (68°F) in July, the warmest month, and 9°C  (48°F) in January, the coldest. Precipitation is constantly high, with an exceptional increase from October to January. Kerry is known as one of the warmest, but also rainiest places in Ireland.
  • Even more than in the rest of the country, County Kerry is known as a center of Gaelic football. An old sport that could be loosely characterized as a mixture between rugby and football (or soccer), Gaelic football is played in every town of the region, and its senior team is the most successful in Ireland in the history of the sport. Other traditional games like hurling and rounders are also very popular in the region.

Top destinations and activities

  • The Ring of Kerry. About 180km (111 miles) long, the Ring of Kerry is a tourist route that’s often mentioned as one of the most scenic drives in the world. Though it passes through a few small Irish towns and villages, the main attraction of the drive is the spectacular green nature of southwest Ireland. There are also some landmarks on the way including the Staigue stone fort and the Ladies View to the beautiful Gap of Dunloe mountain pass and Torc Waterfall. If you’re in County Kerry and have a rental car, this is the one thing you should not miss doing. The usual entry point of the Ring of Kerry is Killarney.
  • Killarney. Speaking of Killarney, the picturesque town has a number of attractions itself. Visitors love it for the ruins of Muckross Abbey, Ross Castle, and its excellent dining opportunities. Killarney is 34km (21 miles) southeast of Tralee, the county town of County Kerry, and can be reached in about 35 minutes.
  • Portmagee. A quiet and quaint fishing village, Portmagee is the best place to see what life in County Kerry is really all about. Visit a local pub, catch a traditional Irish music concert, or watch Gaelic football (you can even join a match yourself if you’re brave enough). If you’re up for something more spectacular, there are also a number of whale watching tours taking off from Portmagee (although these usually need to be booked in advance). About 80km (50 miles) southwest of Tralee, Portmagee takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach. 

Traffic and parking

  • Driving takes place on the left side of the road in the Republic of Ireland. 
  • Unless specifically indicated otherwise, the speed limits are 120km/h (75 mph) for motorways, 100km/h (62 mph) for national roads without motorway status, 80km/h (50 mph) for local and regional roads, and 50km/h (31 mph) for urban zones and built-up areas. Unlike in neighboring Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, the speed limits are indicated in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour.
  • Most road signs are displayed in both English and Irish. However, in some Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking) areas, the road signs are only in Irish. This is important to keep in mind because some Irish city names are different from their English names - for example, the Irish name of Cork is Corcaigh. 
  • The legal alcohol limit is 0.05% for experienced drivers and 0.02% for novice drivers. Exceeding the limit can lead to large fines, an EU-wide license ban, or even imprisonment.
  • The proof of insurance and car registration needs to be in the car whenever you’re driving.
  • When driving, you need to have your passport or ID card with you at all times.
  • The emergency number, like elsewhere in the EU, is 112.

Toll roads

There are 11 toll roads in the Republic of Ireland. There are also two toll tunnels and two toll bridges. One of the toll bridges is the Suir Bridge on the Cork-Rosslare Highway.

Payment for using any of the toll roads, bridges, or tunnels can be made with cash at the toll gate. The tolls for some roads are payable with a credit card. For driving on the M50 road you can pay online. Some rental cars are also equipped with an electronic toll tag that will make the toll payment automatically. Some car rental providers might charge an additional fee for this service. Ask your car rental provider about it in advance. 

For more information about the toll roads in the Republic of Ireland and for the toll road map, visit the Republic of Ireland’s official toll road website.

Ideas for day trips

  • Skellig Michael. A beautiful island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Skellig Michael is one of the main tourist attractions of County Kerry. A monastery was established there in the 6th century, and 300 years later it even survived Viking raids. But there’s even more ancient history to be found, namely, a megalithic stone row dating back to pre-Christian times. You cannot access the island with a car, but it’s possible to drive to Portmagee or Derrynane, park there, and then take a boat.
  • Killarney National Park. A large area of oak forests, wet woodlands, bogs, and beautiful lakes, Killarney National Park is the largest protected area in the region. The national park is home to wildlife species like red deer, osprey, golden eagle, and heron. Located 37km (23 miles) southeast of Tralee, the national park can be reached in about 40 minutes.
  • Annascaul. Surfing might not be the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of Ireland, but this is exactly what this small village offers. Located on the south coast of the Dingle Peninsula, Annascaul’s Inch Beach is considered the best place to hit the waves in the whole country. Just 32km (19.8 miles) southwest of Tralee, it takes 35 minutes to reach.
  • Dingle. A narrow, but long peninsula, Dingle is home to the aforementioned surfing sites, but its main claim to fame is ancient sites like the Gallarus Oratory and Dunbeg Fort. You can also learn about this heritage in the Celtic Prehistory Museum. The area is also home to the colorful village of Dingle and the small, but scenic Dunquin Harbor. 

Most popular cars

The most popular rental car in Kerry is the Toyota Corolla, although many travelers also go for the Toyota Avensis and the Ford Ka. The most popular rental car types are economy, standard, and mini.

Further destinations

  • Cork. Ireland’s second city and the largest in the south of the country, Cork has its fair share of attractions. Travelers like the Elizabeth Fort, St. Finbarr’s Cathedral, and Lough Park. The city also hosts many festivals, and, of course, is home to an even larger number of pubs. Located 112km (70 miles) southwest of Tralee, Cork can be reached in about 1 hour and 50 minutes.
  • Cliffs of Moher. One of the most famous attractions of Ireland, the beautiful Cliffs of Moher are located in County Clare near the village of Doolin. Home to around 30 species of birds, the cliffs offer spectacular views of the ocean. The cliffs are home to Moher Tower and O’Brien’s Tower. Located 175km (108 miles) north of Tralee, the cliffs can be reached in about 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  • West Ireland. The least densely populated part of Ireland and the one where the Irish language is still spoken on a daily basis, West Ireland is a unique travel destination. The area is home to the fun university city of Galway, the beautiful Aran Islands, and many little traditional villages and spectacular nature areas. Galway is 200km (125 miles) north of Tralee and can be reached in about 2 hours and 50 minutes - you can explore the rest of the region from there.
  • Limerick. Although known to be a little rough around the edges, the city of Limerick is one of the most interesting urban destinations in this part of the country and has lots to see. The city’s Georgian architecture is surpassed only by Dublin while gems like King John’s Castle reveal even older pages of the city’s past. Located just a 90-minute drive northeast of the Kerry Airport, Limerick is definitely worth a visit.

Car Rental Prices in Kerry

  • Station wagons - from $39 per day
  • Large cars - from $16 per day
  • Medium cars - from $16 per day
  • Vans - from $159 per day
  • Premium cars - from $111 per day
  • Small cars - from $15 per day
  • SUVs - from $21 per day

Money-saving tips

Land a great rental car in Ireland by following these simple tips:

  • Compare rates of different rental car providers
  • Book your rental car well in advance
  • Plan your route before you go
  • Know your fuel and mileage requirements
  • Visit on the month when the rental prices are the cheapest. According to our data, visiting Kerry is the cheapest in February when renting a car is about 65% cheaper than the yearly average and a whole 83% cheaper than renting a vehicle in May.
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Lauren Yakiwchuk is an award-winning travel blogger and content creator at Justin Plus Lauren and Ontario Hiking. She writes about outdoor adventures, exploring cities and small towns, and sustainable travel. Lauren is an expert on vegan travel and is one of the very first vegan travel bloggers.

Top 18 Cities near Kerry

  1. 15.3 km / 9.5 miles
  2. 15.3 km / 9.5 miles
  3. 70.8 km / 44 miles
  4. 80.1 km / 49.8 miles
  5. 81.2 km / 50.5 miles
  6. 127.1 km / 79 miles
  7. 156.2 km / 97.1 miles
  8. 161.8 km / 100.5 miles
  9. 173.1 km / 107.6 miles
  10. 198 km / 123 miles
  11. 209.5 km / 130.2 miles
  12. 223.4 km / 138.8 miles
  13. 238.5 km / 148.2 miles
  14. 248.5 km / 154.4 miles
  15. 258.6 km / 160.7 miles
  16. 327.8 km / 203.7 miles
  17. 330.2 km / 205.2 miles
  18. 2,947.9 km / 1,831.7 miles

Map of Car Rental Locations

What is the cheapest month to rent a car in Kerry?

Car rental prices in Kerry vary by time of year. This graph shows the average prices per month to help you find the best time of year to rent.
Average rental costs per day in Kerry
The cheapest month to rent a car in Kerry is February (when prices average $13.25 per day). This is 61% cheaper than the yearly average and 79% cheaper than renting in August (when prices average $62.32).

This information can help you identify the low season. But these are only average numbers. How much your car rental will cost will depend on the type of vehicle you rent, how long you’ll rent it for, and how far ahead you book. Simply enter your dates in the form at the top of the page to see the exact prices.

What’s the usual rental length in Kerry?

How long travelers keep their rental cars for varies from month to month: in January, the average renter keeps their car for 6 days, and in March, they keep their car for 4 days.
Average number of rental days in Kerry

What's the most popular month to rent a car in Kerry?

Based on the number of searches by our customers, the most popular month for renting a car in Kerry is July, and the least popular is March.
Monthly searches in Kerry by pick-up date relative to the average

Car Rental Information

Car rental locations 1
Airport locations 1
Popular suppliers Budget, Thrifty, Hertz, Enterprise, Europcar
Popular car categories Small cars, Large cars, Medium cars, SUVs
Lowest price $15 per day
Cheapest supplier Europcar

Most Popular Car Models of Rental Suppliers

Rental Supplier Model Doors Luggage Type
Budget Toyota Corolla 5 2 Large cars
Budget Renault Clio 4 2 Medium cars
Budget Volkswagen Polo 3 1 Small cars
Budget Toyota Aygo 3 2 Small cars
Budget Nissan Qashqai 5 2 SUVs
Budget Skoda Citigo 3 1 Small cars
Budget Kia Picanto 4 1 Small cars
Budget Dacia Jogger 5 2 Vans
Thrifty Ford Puma 4 2 SUVs
Budget Opel Insignia 4 2 Large cars

Our Customers' Reviews

Because we want to make sure each review listed here is left by a real customer, we don’t have an option to post a review here. Instead, we ask each and every customer to leave a review after they return their rental car. This way, you know that all reviews are authentic, verified, and trustworthy.

United Kingdom
Renault Clio
January 28, 2024
Family brievment
Ford Focus
December 18, 2023
Just down for a wedding
Renault Clio
May 19, 2023
Dingle music festival. Cliff of Moer. Falconery
New Zealand
Volkswagen Up
May 7, 2023
Not a holiday. Had to clean out family house.
United Kingdom
Toyota Corolla
April 25, 2019
So much to see,a car is a must!
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Car Rental Statistics

Highest rated company
9 / 10
Lowest rated company
7.7 / 10
Total number of reviews
Total rental companies
Average daily price
Lowest daily price
Total cars available

Top 9 Suppliers in Kerry in 2024

Exceptional 9 / 108 reviews
1 location
$15 - $393
Very good 8.4 / 3 reviews
1 location
Very good 8.3 / 3 reviews
1 location
$16 - $167
Very good 8.3
1 location
Very good 8.2 / 3 reviews
1 location
Good 7.9 / 11 reviews
1 location
$17 - $21
Good 7.8 / 2 reviews
1 location
$15 - $39
Good 7.7 / 2 reviews
1 location
$17 - $367
Good 7.7
1 location
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