Thai Rent A Car

As suggested by its name, Thai Rent a Car is focused on the rental car market of Thailand, being one of the main rental car providers in the Southeast Asian country. Thailand receives about 40 million visitors every year, making it the third-most visited country in Asia, with more tourists than such countries as Japan, India, and Indonesia, and also ahead of countries like Germany and the United Kingdom.’s customers have a highly favorable view of Thai Rent a Car, giving the company an especially high evaluation for the cleanliness of their vehicles, efficiency of car rental agents’ work, time spent picking up and dropping off a car, and the overall value for money. and Thai Rent a Car partner each other in both of the international airports of Bangkok, as well as in a number of other destinations across the country.

Thai Rent a Car was founded 40 years ago and has steadily expanded ever since, covering practically all of the main tourist destinations in Thailand. The company’s fleet size is about 8,000; according to the company’s trilingual website (available in Thai, English, and Chinese), most of the company’s cars are ‘brand new’. 

Unlike in many other countries around the world, Thai Rent a Car does not permit cross-border travel. This means that travelers looking to visit one of Thailand’s neighbors, such as Malaysia, Laos, or Cambodia, during their trip, will have to drop off a rental car in Thailand, travel by other means, and pick up a new rental car after arriving at their next destination.

Customer ratings worldwide

9.2 / 10
  • Overall value for money of your rental car 9.2
  • Ease of finding rental desk or representative 9.1
  • Efficiency of the car rental agents 9.2
  • Time spent picking up the car 9
  • Time spent dropping off the car 9.2
  • Car cleanliness 9.4
  • Overall condition of the car 9.1
Exceptional 9.2 / 220 reviews
Most popular locations:


Exceptional 9.2 / 93 reviews
Airport Bangkok Don Muang (DMK) Exceptional 8.9 / 13 reviews
Downtown Exceptional 9.1 / 7 reviews
Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) Exceptional 9.2 / 73 reviews


Excellent 8.9 / 4 reviews
Buriram Airport (BFV) Excellent 8.9 / 4 reviews

Hat Yai, Songkhla

Hua Hin

Exceptional 9 / 6 reviews
Downtown Exceptional 9 / 6 reviews

Khon Kaen

Exceptional 9.3 / 10 reviews
Khon Kaen Airport (KKC) Exceptional 9.3 / 10 reviews


Excellent 8.9 / 3 reviews
Krabi Airport (KBV) Excellent 8.9 / 3 reviews

Nakhon Phanom

Excellent 8.8 / 1 reviews
Nakhon Phanom Airport (KOP) Excellent 8.8 / 1 reviews


Excellent 8.8 / 2 reviews
Downtown Excellent 8.8 / 2 reviews


Exceptional 9.2 / 86 reviews
Phuket Int. Airport (HKT) Exceptional 9.2 / 86 reviews

Udon Thani

Excellent 8.9 / 2 reviews
Udon Thani Int. Airport (UTH) Excellent 8.9 / 2 reviews
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