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Our company has grown leaps and bounds and has come to be a go-to platform for booking a rental car in locations around the world for hundreds of thousands of customers. We continue to grow, adding new partners and marketing platforms, all the while improving the experience for renters.
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We have a 4.4./5 rating on Trustpilot with more than 25,000 reviews.
10k+ locations across the world and growing
500+ rental suppliers and adding more
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in the Uzakrota Travel Awards

Another recognition of our record-setting growth.

In the Online Travel Services Marketing-Website Category

The company continues to experience record growth.

We've now had more than 25,000 customers review us on Trustpilot!

The company has experienced record growth.

Its efforts to provide world-class customer service have paid off.

Winner of the Car Rental Booking Website category in the World Travel Awards

The latest research reveals what brand of car is most popular to rent out in each country based on their internal data. What would be yours?

by the World Travel and Hospitality Awards

According to SimilarWeb surveyed its car rental partners to be able to report on the new COVID-19 measures and what car rental providers offer to keep customers safe.

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