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Granada, Spain
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Cheapest Car Rental Rates

Granada Airport Car Rental
Fiat Panda or similar
Fiat Panda
  • 4
  • 2
  • 3
  • A/C
  • Man.
$14.92 per day
Granada Train Station Car Rental
Kia Picanto or similar
Kia Picanto
  • 4
  • 1
  • 3
  • A/C
  • Man.
$18.40 per day
Downtown Car Rental
Citroen Berlingo Cargo or similar
Citroen Berlingo Cargo
  • 2
  • 8
  • 4
  • A/C
  • Man.
$23.67 per day
Granada Train Station Car Rental
VW Golf or similar
VW Golf
  • 5
  • 2
  • 5
  • A/C
  • Man.
$29.16 per day

Most Popular Car Rental Deals

Granada Airport Car Rental
Ford Kuga or similar
Ford Kuga
  • 5
  • 2
  • 5
  • A/C
  • Man.
$38.70 / per day
Granada Airport Car Rental
Compact Elite
Mercedes Benz A Class or similar
Mercedes Benz A Class
  • 5
  • 2
  • 4
  • A/C
  • Man.
$43.72 / per day
Downtown Car Rental
Mercedes Benz Sprinter or similar
Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  • 3
  • 10
  • 4
  • A/C
  • Man.
$47.28 / per day
Granada Airport Car Rental
Mercedes Benz C Class or similar
Mercedes Benz C Class
  • 5
  • 2
  • 4
  • A/C
  • Auto.
$55.68 / per day
The above prices are only approximate and were last updated at 07:30 on 2023-03-19. Prices may vary based on the booking dates, length of rental, and car class.
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Travel Information

Drive on
Right-hand side
Country code
Average car rental price
$38.40 / per day
Average car rental length
4 days
Speed limit within town
50 km/h
31 mph
Speed limit out of town
90 - 100 km/h
56 - 62 mph
Acceptable limit of BAC
Average gasoline price
$1.73 / 1 liter
Highest gasoline price
$2.14 / 1 liter
Lowest gasoline price
$1.58 / 1 liter

Why rent a car in Granada?

Granada is one of the old great cities in Spain. Known for its Muslim architecture that’s best observed in world-famous Alhambra and also for its Catholic churches, old palace gardens, and the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains, it is a truly special place to explore. Having your own rental car will also let you go on exciting day-trips to many other cities and landmarks in Andalusia.

One-Way Car Rentals in Granada

The most popular one-way rental options for pick up in Granada and drop off in another city include:

  • From Granada to Malaga - 70 offers from $12.48 per day
  • From Granada to Seville - 116 offers from $11.44 per day
  • From Granada to Cadiz - 18 offers from $38.01 per day
  • From Granada to Ubeda - 20 offers from $24.01 per day
  • From Granada to Valencia - 70 offers from $11.44 per day

Top ways to enter Granada

  • Granada Airport: Also known as Federico García Lorca Airport after the famous poet who hailed from the city, Granada Airport is served by five different airlines, including low-cost carriers Vueling and easyJet. The airport served 1.1 million travelers in 2018, a 24% increase from the year before. Located 17km (10 miles) west of the city center, the airport can be reached in about 20 minutes.
  • Malaga Airport: Serving not only the city of Malaga, but also the larger Costa del Sol Region, this airport is the fourth-busiest in Spain and the busiest in Andalusia. More than 40 different airlines fly to and from Malaga, connecting it to destinations all across Europe as well as North Africa and the Middle East. Malaga airport is located 130km (80.7 mi) southwest of Granada and can be reached in about two hours.
  • Almeria Airport: A small and cozy Andalusian airport on the coast, Almeria Airport is especially active during the summer months when it is served by around 20 different airlines. During winter, the airport hosts a number of domestic flights as well as flights to and from London and Brussels. Almeria Airport is located 160km (99 mi) southeast of Granada and can be reached in about two hours by car.
  • Gibraltar La Linea Airport: Serving the small British overseas territory of Gibraltar, this airport hosts a number of flights to and from destinations in the United Kingdom as well as Casablanca and Tangier in Morocco, just on the other side of the Mediterranean. Located 250km (155 mi) southwest of Granada, the airport can be reached in just under three hours. Do keep in mind that if you drive from Gibraltar to Granada, you’ll be crossing an international border, so first make sure your rental car provider permits it. 
  • By rail: If you arrive in Granada by train, you can conveniently pick up your rental car at Granada’s railway station.
  • Seville Airport: Serving the capital and largest city of Andalusia, Seville Airport is one of the busiest in the region and serves over seven million travelers every year. The airport is popular with a number of low-cost carriers like Ryanair, Vueling, and Wizz Air. The drive from Seville to Granada takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

City facts

  • Granada has a hot Mediterranean climate with semi-arid influences. Summers are very hot - the average temperature is 26°C  (78°F) in July, the warmest month, but individual days can see temperatures rise to 40°C (104°F). Precipitation is almost nonexistent from June to August. Winters are mild, but humid, with the average temperature being 7°C (44°F) in January, the coldest month. Snowfall is not uncommon in the nearby mountains. 
  • Granada has a population of around 230,000 people, with another 700,000 living in Province of Granada. The city is made up of several old, distinct neighborhoods, such as Realejo, the old Jewish quarter; Bib-Rambla, the location of the old Arab bazaar that is nowadays a foodie paradise full of high-class restaurants; Sacromonte, a unique area inhabited by the city’s Gitano or Roma population, a center for flamenco music, and unique for its cave houses dug in hills; and Albayzin, the location of the ancient City of Elvira.

Top destinations and activities

  • The Alhambra. One of the main attractions of not only Granada, but all of Spain, visiting Alhambra is an experience of a lifetime. Built by the Islamic Moors who ruled the area for centuries, the Alhambra is a made up of a palace and fortress as well as gardens, towers, courts, and other structures. The complex is incredibly impressive as a whole, but it is its many fine details of ornaments, Islamic calligraphy, and arabesques that make Alhambra the historic and architectural jewel that it is. It’s a good idea to book a tour and tickets in advance, you can do that on Alhambra’s official website. 
  • Granada Cathedral. Also known as the Cathedral of the Incarnation, the second-largest church in Spain is a fine example of Spanish Renaissance architecture. Built in the 16th Century after Granada was no longer under Moorish rule, Granada Cathedral soon gained the status as one of the symbols of the city and retains that to this day.
  • Plaza de Bib-Rambla. Perhaps the most important square of Granada, it was built by the Moors. Over the centuries, it has hosted everything from open-air markets and different festivals to Christian processions. Nowadays the square is a calm and relaxing place known for its beautiful fountains and for the great restaurants found in and around it.
  • Albaicín. Also known as Albayzin, the secluded northwestern neighborhood is a unique part of Granada. Historically known as the home of the city's Muslim community, it frequently hosts flamenco shows that attract both local and international attention. The area is also famous for its unique cave dwellings built right into the hills of the area.The drive from the city center to Albaicín takes only about ten to fifteen minutes.

Traffic and parking

  • Speed limits - 50km/h (31mph) in built-up areas, 90km/h (56mph) on most standard roads, 100km/h (62mph) on standard roads that are either one-way roads, roads with more than two lanes for at least one direction of traffic and roads with shoulders more than 1.5m wide, and 120km/h (74mph) on motorways (called autovías in Spain).
  • The car’s documentation and proof of insurance must be inside the vehicle at all times.
  • The driver and all passengers are required to wear seatbelts.
  • Children up to the age of 12 and measuring less than 135cm travelling in the front seat of a car must be seated in a child restraint system adapted to their size and weight.
  • Unnecessary use of audible warning devices (horns) is prohibited.
  • The legal alcohol limit is 0.05% for experienced drivers and 0.02% for novice drivers.
  • The emergency number is 112.

Toll roads

Most of the roads inside the country are toll-free. Toll roads are called ‘carretera de peaje’. On maps and road signs, all toll roads have to include a letter P after the road type. The payment method may vary depending on the road, but most will accept cash. Regardless of the region, the average estimated price is €9.5 ($11.25) per 100km for cars. See the official website for prices and more information.

Ideas for day trips

  • Sierra Nevada National Park. Perhaps the most famous national park in Spain, Sierra Nevada is best known for its skiing opportunities. Even if you’re not visiting in winter, there’s plenty to do, from hiking the mountain paths to trying to spot animals like the Spanish ibex, the Eurasian eagle-owl, and the European wildcat. The national park is located just 10km (6.2 mi) east of Granada and can be reached in about 10 minutes.
  • Costa del Sol. The most famous coastal area of Spain, Costa del Sol is a beach paradise. With plenty of scenic little towns like Fuengirola and Torremolinos, fun crowded spots with coastal restaurants, and plenty of opportunities for water sports, the area offers the best beach vacation in Europe. Malaga, Costa del Sol’s largest city, is located 124km (77 mi) southwest of Granada and can be reached in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes by car.
  • Cordoba. Another metropolis of Muslim Spain, Cordoba doesn’t have the Alhambra, but is otherwise perhaps an even more pure example of Moorish architecture than Granada. If you’re fascinated by this heritage then Mezquita, a mosque-turned-cathedral, is simply a must-see. More than that, Cordoba also boasts a well-preserved Jewish quarter. About 200km (125 mi) northwest of Granada, Cordoba can be reached in a little more than two hours.
  • Nerja. With its picturesque architecture and relaxed pace of life, Nerja is, for many, the pick from the bunch of resort towns that dot the Andalusian coastline. Nerja's scenic promenade is known as the Balcony of Europe, and most of the town's landmarks are also located on or near it. Meanwhile, just north of the town is Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park. The drive from Granada to Nerja takes just over one hour.

Most popular cars

The most popular rental car type in Granada is a mini, followed by economy and standard. The most popular rental cars are the Fiat 500, the Opel Corsa, and the Peugeot 108.

Further destinations

  • Seville. Andalucia’s capital, located on the river Guadalquivir or Betis, is one of Spain’s ancient cities. According to legend, it was founded by the Greek hero Heracles, and was later ruled by the Phoenicians, Romans, and Moors. Besides this epic heritage, it is also famous as one of the birthplaces of Flamenco music, a center for bullfighting, and as the scene of the most passionate Spanish football derby, which is contested by the city’s two famous teams, Sevilla and Betis. Located 250km (155 mi) west of Granada, Sevilla can be reached in about 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Ronda. A small town in Andalusia, Ronda is best known for its deep river gorge and Puente Nuevo, an impressive stone bridge that crosses it. Populated since the Neolithic Age and ruled by different empires, it is now a quiet and picturesque place with only 30,000 inhabitants. Located 180km (112 mi) southwest of Granada, Ronda can be reached by car in about two hours.
  • Algarve. A beautiful and wild place, Portugal’s southernmost region is famous for its long stretches of Atlantic coastline, fun beach towns like Albufeira and Lagos, and impressive national parks. Less known, but equally impressive, is the region’s Roman and Moorish heritage and sparsely-populated highlands away from the coast. Traveling with a rental car, you’ll be able to see all of it. Faro, Algarve’s capital, is about 450km (279 mi) west of Granada and can be reached in under five hours by car. Since you’ll be crossing the border between Spain and Portugal, ask your rental car provider in advance if they permit it. 

Car Rental Prices in Granada

  • Convertibles - from $54 per day
  • Station wagons - from $43 per day
  • Large cars - from $49 per day
  • Medium cars - from $45 per day
  • Vans - from $81 per day
  • Premium cars - from $60 per day
  • Small cars - from $36 per day
  • SUVs - from $41 per day

Money-saving tips

How to get a cheap rental car in Granada:

  • Follow these tips to land a great car rental deal in Granada:
  • Compare the rates of different rental car providers
  • Book your rental car well in advance
  • Plan your route before you go
  • Know your fuel and mileage requirements
  • Visit during the month when the rental prices are the cheapest. According to our data, visiting Granada is the cheapest in January when renting a car is about 51% cheaper than the yearly average. Start your year with a visit to Andalusia!
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Fact checked by:
Fact checked and updated by Paulina, who after living for many years in Spain, wants to share with you all of her insider knowledge so that you can enjoy the Spain trip of a lifetime! Join her as you explore Southern Spain’s outdoors, Spanish recipes, and culture con pasión!

Top 20 Cities near Granada

  1. Madrid Car Rentals from $3.44 per day
    367.0 km / 228.0 miles away
  2. Barcelona Car Rentals from $3.47 per day
    680.1 km / 422.6 miles away
  3. Malaga Car Rentals from $2.72 per day
    85.9 km / 53.4 miles away
  4. Alicante Car Rentals from $2.47 per day
    308.2 km / 191.5 miles away
  5. Seville Car Rentals from $4.43 per day
    189.0 km / 117.4 miles away
  6. Valencia Car Rentals from $5.20 per day
    384.7 km / 239.1 miles away
  7. Bilbao Car Rentals from $3.54 per day
    683.7 km / 424.9 miles away
  8. 747.3 km / 464.4 miles away
  9. Jerez Car Rentals from $14.06 per day
    208.9 km / 129.8 miles away
  10. Zaragoza Car Rentals from $18.09 per day
    550.5 km / 342.1 miles away
  11. Girona Car Rentals from $5.40 per day
    766.9 km / 476.5 miles away
  12. Santander Car Rentals from $16.03 per day
    693.8 km / 431.1 miles away
  13. Vigo Car Rentals from $17.01 per day
    697.4 km / 433.3 miles away
  14. A Coruña Car Rentals from $12.19 per day
    783.8 km / 487.0 miles away
  15. Murcia Car Rentals from $22.41 per day
    250.7 km / 155.8 miles away
  16. Asturias Car Rentals from $8.99 per day
    734.3 km / 456.2 miles away
  17. Almeria Car Rentals from $13.20 per day
    130.3 km / 81.0 miles away
  18. Oviedo Car Rentals from $20.67 per day
    709.3 km / 440.7 miles away
  19. Reus Car Rentals from $48.56 per day
    612.6 km / 380.6 miles away
  20. San Sebastian Car Rentals from $16.40 per day
    706.3 km / 438.9 miles away

Top 20 Locations near Granada

  1. Granada Airport Car Rentals from $14.92 per day
    15.1 km / 9.4 miles away
  2. 89.2 km / 55.5 miles away
  3. Malaga Airport Car Rentals from $2.72 per day
    96.5 km / 60.0 miles away
  4. Almeria Airport Car Rentals from $13.20 per day
    115.4 km / 71.7 miles away
  5. 200.6 km / 124.6 miles away
  6. 204.1 km / 126.8 miles away
  7. 210.9 km / 131.1 miles away
  8. 223.1 km / 138.6 miles away
  9. 229.5 km / 142.6 miles away
  10. 249.0 km / 154.7 miles away
  11. 295.4 km / 183.6 miles away
  12. 296.3 km / 184.1 miles away
  13. 359.9 km / 223.6 miles away
  14. 367.3 km / 228.2 miles away
  15. Madrid Airport Car Rentals from $3.44 per day
    368.5 km / 229.0 miles away
  16. 370.9 km / 230.5 miles away
  17. 375.2 km / 233.2 miles away
  18. 379.5 km / 235.8 miles away
  19. 464.3 km / 288.5 miles away
  20. 550.2 km / 341.9 miles away

Map of Car Rental Locations

Which is the cheapest month to rent a car in Granada?

Car rental prices in Granada vary a lot according to the time of year. This graph compares month-to-month price changes to help you find the best offer.
Average Rental Price in Granada
The best month to rent a car in Granada is March (when prices for an Economy class start from $29.23). This is 43% cheaper than the yearly average and 60% cheaper than renting in July (when rental prices start at $72.99 for a Compact class). Knowing this can help you find the best price.

What’s the usual rental length in Granada?

Travel lengths vary from month to month: in January, travelers rent a car for an average of 8 days in September, the average rental period is 4 days.
Average Rental Length in Granada

What's the most popular month to rent a car in Granada?

The most popular month for renting a car in Granada is August, and the least popular is March.
Popularity of Car Rental in Granada by Monthly Searches

Car Rental Information

Car rental locations 3
Airport locations 1
Popular suppliers Ok Mobility, Enterprise, Keddy, Goldcar, Alamo
Popular car categories Small cars, Medium cars, SUVs, Vans
Lowest price $15 per day
Cheapest supplier Goldcar

Most Popular Car Models of Rental Suppliers

Rental Supplier Model Doors Luggage Type
Ok Mobility Seat Ibiza 5 1 Small cars
Ok Mobility Peugeot 208 5 1 Small cars
Enterprise Toyota Aygo 3 1 Small cars
Enterprise Seat Ibiza 4 1 Small cars
Ok Mobility Fiat 500 3 1 Small cars
Ok Mobility Peugeot 3008 5 3 SUVs
Ok Mobility Peugeot 2008 5 3 Small cars
Ok Mobility Peugeot 3008 5 3 SUVs
Enterprise Ford Focus 4 2 Medium cars
Goldcar Volkswagen Polo 5 1 Small cars

Our Customers' Reviews

Because we want to make sure each review listed here is left by a real customer, we don’t have an option to post a review here. Instead, we ask each and every customer to leave a review after they return their rental car. This way, you know that all reviews are authentic, verified, and trustworthy.

United States of America (USA)
Seat Ibiza
June 23, 2022
The Alhambra is a must see. The Restaurante Las Tomasas was some of the best food we ate in Spain. And the view of the Alhambra at night was stunning. We went many places on the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, and the Costa Brava. By far, the our favorite spot was Tossa de Mar.
United Kingdom
VW Polo
April 25, 2019
Great place
United Kingdom
Renault Clio
September 5, 2018
I love Spain and southern Spain in particular. I love the people the food and the outdoors.
United Kingdom
Ford Focus 5d
August 12, 2018
Must visit Alhambra palace. Car rental essential if heading into the various national & natural parks in Andalusia.

Car Rental Statistics

Highest rated company
8.96 / 10
Lowest rated company
7.98 / 10
Total number of reviews
Total rental companies
Average daily price
Lowest daily price
Total cars available

Top 14 Suppliers in Granada in 2023

Exceptional 9 / 24 reviews
3 locations
$24 - $113
Excellent 8.8 / 8 reviews
2 locations
$22 - $42
Excellent 8.7
1 location
$35 - $207
Ok Mobility
Ok Mobility
Excellent 8.7 / 52 reviews
1 location
$18 - $108
Excellent 8.6 / 4 reviews
2 locations
$25 - $33
Excellent 8.6 / 13 reviews
2 locations
$18 - $24
Excellent 8.6 / 1 reviews
2 locations
$21 - $21
Excellent 8.5 / 1 reviews
1 location
$27 - $61
Ok Rent A Car
Ok Rent A Car
Excellent 8.4
1 location
Excellent 8.4 / 1 reviews
1 location
$24 - $30
Excellent 8.4 / 1 reviews
2 locations
Excellent 8.4 / 7 reviews
1 location
$29 - $63
Excellent 8.1 / 8 reviews
1 location
$15 - $20
Excellent 8 / 1 reviews
1 location
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