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Offer for Bloggers

Free Car Rental for Bloggers

Discover Cars invites those with a travel website to enjoy a complimentary rental car.

We‘ll arrange a free short-term rental car in the location of your choice in return for writing an article on your website about your trip.

We‘d love it if you tried our service personally and let your audience know about us. This is a great opportunity to write unique and useful content for your website that will guide your audience in a specific way.

Here are some ideas to try out:

  • If you are a blogger in, or that plans to travel to, the U.S., we can arrange for you to pick up a great rental car in Chicago as well as Orlando or Miami. Los Angeles stands out on the West Coast while Vancouver is a promising destination in Canada. You can collect unforgettable moments to share with your followers.
  • In Europe, cruising around Dublin, Porto, Lisbon, Faro, Keflavik, or Rome would be a feast for the eyes of those visiting your blog. Other popular locations to grab a rental car and start exploring are London Heathrow Airport and Ponta Delgada in the stunning Azores Islands of Portugal.
  • Marrakech is yet another promising candidate, and a journey of discovery never ceases to amaze in this part of Morocco. To immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of New Zealand, Auckland is a great place to start. All of these locations would be of great interest to your followers and readers, too!

If you own a travel website with an Ahrefs Domain Rating of at least 30 and would like to get a complimentary rental car in exchange for writing an article, please send an email to

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